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The general consensus among the reviews done to date is that there is no strong evidence of a link between water fluoridation and cancer. The average consumer, unable to properly evaluate misinformation and misrepresentations in the antifluoride literature, falls prey to what amounts to a marketing fraud. Although their presence in drinking water is actually a health benefit, they are the prime culprits in most hard water, and are considered undesirable contaminants by those who must live with scaly deposits of calcium carbonate on their faucets and in their pipes and water heaters or who can not get their soap to lather. Only the most common or dangerous examples in each group are listed here, since there is a nearly infinite number of possible contaminants. Public health professionals have a responsibility to counter such misinformation and to support water fluoridation. I guess when the coffee shops close, Californians can head over to the pot-shop for the carcinogen-free marijuana.

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Preventing relapse will take a significant effort on your part. Overcoming chronic alcoholism is extremely difficult. Seek out support and take steps to make sure your recovery sticks. Some important steps you can take include:. Chronic alcoholism can cause damage to the liver, brain, and cardiovascular system. In the long term, your body and brain will start to repair some of the damage caused by excess drinking.

You should switch your focus towards your own personal and spiritual growth — this ensures that complacency and the eventual relapse will never set in. Could someone tell me what actually happens to the body on a daily, weekly,monthly basis after quitting alcohol. For example roughly for each: How long for your skin to get better. How long for alcohol to leave your system. Moderate drinker is too broad a term to be able to give an accurate answer to those questions. The answer to many of those questions will depend on varying factors, for example: As for how long it takes for alcohol to leave your system, alcohol gets metabolized at a rate of.

Hi Josh, Good for you! May I ask you a q? My husband drank beer bout 3 most wk nights wk ends up to 15 bout once a month. He stopped 2 wks ago for my health reasons. He is a brew master.

His legs are tight and tingling and really bother his life. It started a yr ago. He does no other things ever. Could it b he is not thinning his blood enough? In January it received national notariety on CBS' 60 Minutes because of its ability to contaminate water supplies after leaking from storage tanks.

The potential for water contamination by synthetic organic chemicals can be understood by the fact that Denver Water the company that supplies municipal water to much of the metro Denver area tests for 54 VOCs 21 with MCLs established by the EPA , 73 different pesticides 23 with MCLs , 25 different chemicals classified as synthetic organic compounds 5 with MCLs , and 7 as non-specific organics.

Nearly all of these chemicals tested below the levels of detectability. It somewhat disconcerting to realize that Denver water tests for only or so of the thousands of the synthetic organic chemicals manufactured, and the EPA has established MCLs for even fewer. As you read through the information in the sites listed in the "links" section, you will find that these are not nice chemicals to have in your water, many of them are presumed to increase the risk of various cancers in humans, often after many years of low-level exposure, others may affect the nervous system.

Some researchers are reporting that yet other synthetic chemicals can cause hormonal disruptions. Most laboratory tests of the effects of these chemicals are done using a single chemical, but there may be several organic contaminants together in a water source.

Scientists are just beginning to realize that exposure to multiple organic chemicals seems to increase the risk of health problems much more than any of the chemicals would separately. THMs were reported and graphed here as milligrams per liter. The intent here is not to imply that the water from this particular water treatment facility is bad, unsafe, or any worse than water from other facilities that chloronate surface water, in fact, like Denver Water, they produce a quatity product.

I believe, though, that it is important to understand that a fairly large percentage of people in the United States and in other countries that chlorinate their water are drinking small quantities of chloroform and related substances on an ongoing basis.

Materials suspended in water: Of the extremely large number of things that can possibly be suspended in water, only those that are dangerous to health or that affect drinking water quality will be listed here.

If there are enough tiny particles suspended in water it becomes cloudy or turbid. Light bounces off the suspended particles giving the water a milky or muddy appearance. Gasses dissolved in water can also cause turbidity if they begin to come out of solution or "degas" like the bubbles that form when a carbonated drink is opened. Gas bubbles will eventually rise to the surface and disappear - the water will clear, other materials suspended in water neither rise nor settle, so the water does not clear.

Are you confused by the difference between a virus and bacteria? Ever wonder about emerging pathogens? I need to mention here that exposure to the disease causing organisms discussed below E.

Exposure, for instance, can come from eating contaminated food, or from swimming in contaminated water, and sometimes by human contact. Viruses - Although, according the the EPA, most viruses transmitted in drinking water cause "gastrointestinal illness e. It is fairly rare to read about specific disease outbreaks in the US and other developed countries that can be linked to viruses, in part because they are relatively difficult to detect, and in part because of the effective public water treatment systems in the country.

The EPA regulates the maximum allowable levels for this bacteria in drinking water, and most people most of the time either do not encounter these bacteria in their drinking water or do not get sick. The series of articles, Tap Water at Risk by the Houston Chronicle, reported that in the USA in , there were 3, water purification utilities in the US that reported violating the federal health standards for fecal bacteria contamination.

These utilities together served Despite these statistics, disease outbreaks in people on municipal water linked to E. According to a note in the Denver Post p. These are one celled organisms, both of which form dormant cyst stages that are resistant to typical levels of chlorination, cause gastrointestinal disease, and are prevalent in the environment. As water systems monitor for Cryptosporidium, the likelihood exists that it will be detected occasionally at low levels in finished water derived from surface water sources.

Cryptosporidium oocysts are very resistant to disinfection, and even a well-operated water system cannot ensure that drinking water will be completely free of this parasite.

In people with normally functioning immune systems, Cryptosporidiosis is manifested as an acute, self-limiting diarrheal illness lasting 7 to 14 days and it is often accompanied by nausea, abdominal cramps, and low-grade fever.

You usually hear about exposure to airborne asbestos causing disease. Asbestos fibers can also be present in water, and it is regulated by the EPA because asbestos exposure from water has been linked to an increase in the risk of certain cancers. Other suspended solids - Unless the materials in the water are themselves dangerous as discussed above , suspended solids are typically a nuisance rather than hazardous.

Suspended materials in the water, however, can interact with the disinfection processes making them less effective. Water professionals also use turbidity of the finished water as an indicator of its quality.

If the purification process is letting enough solids through that the water is cloudy, there is a chance that some of the "stuff" contributing to the turbidity is harmful. To conclude the discussion on contaminants, you might find the opening exchange of Popular Science's exclusive interview Oct.

Why do Americans now buy so much bottled water? I think it's because of a lack of information, quite frankly. People have heard things, they're scared, and there's a product on their grocery store shelf. So it seems as if buying it is the way to get some information, the way to have some control over the situation.

What it also says to me is that the consumer is willing to make an investment in safe drinking water, and that we have to prove to them that investing in their tap water is what makes sense. I would say that people in this country have every reason right now to ask questions. I wouldn't take for granted the safety of this nation's drinking water anymore.

There's a series of problems from emerging threats like microbials. There's an infrastructure problem. We should just be honest about that. Could you comment further on this trend of people wanting to do things themselves, for example, buying bottle water instead of investing in the quality of their tap water?

There is a lot of evidence that people have concerns and they want to do something themselves, whether it's buying bottled water or one of those filters to put on a water pitcher. I am very hopeful that the more we can provide people with information about what's actually being found in the source water and what actions are being taken to treat it, the more people will feel confident in their drinking water and have a greater willingness to invest in their local water system.

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