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The best-kept secret in the nutrition industry? Vitamin B12 is necessary for nerve health and healthy brain function. It varies between zero when women and men fare equally and one when men or women fare poorly compared to the other in all dimensions. The active ingredient in BioTrust Nutrition depends on the supplement. Others prefer a more streamlined approach and leave the details to the medical staff. Welcome to Nutrition Services! Passing this exam and obtaining a Certified Nutrition Specialist credential will give nutritionists the advantage over others in their field.

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In general, our fruit and leaf extracts have the similar benefits. For most people, we recommend our leaf extract, which already includes a significant bonus dose of our fruit extract. The standalone fruit extract has a few advantages that make it a great alternative for some people. Super-premium omega-3 Wild Salmon Oil supplement. Best Salmon Oil supports anti-aging for the brain, eyes, skin, heart and joints. Proteolytic Enzymes for pain, inflammation, anti-aging, brain enzymes, and more.

Proteolytic enzymes and systemic enzymes are anti-inflammatory and digest dead, diseased tissue and debris throughout the body, and provide much-needed brain enzymes for the brain as well.

Used for skin health disorders, candida balance, chronic health conditions, intestinal problems, brain fog, and whenever antibiotics have been used. If you have been exposed to antibiotics, the best probiotics supplement can be used to help restore the balance of your intestinal bacteria, radiant skin, brain health function, for brain fog, and optimal intestinal health. Lutein supreme 40 mg. Super potency lutein supplements with naturally occurring zeaxanthin , both of which are required for normal vision.

The natural chemicals in lutein and zeaxanthin make up the part of the eye that sees detail. A deficiency of lutein is related to Age-Related Macular Degeneration, the major cause of blindness in people over This eye health remedy supports ocular nutrition and normal eye health structure.

The eyes are the part of the brain that you can see. For this reason, 40 mg lutein with zeaxanthin is a perfect companion to our premium brain supplements. Bilberry Extract Supplements eye health remedy for micro-circulation to the eyes. This bilberry extract is a natural eye-health remedy that supports the health of the capillaries.

By supporting these tiny blood vessels, bilberry benefits the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the eyes, to the brain, and to the skin. Bilberry supports many eye functions, especially night vision. These premium bilberry extract supplements are also an excellent antioxidant for brain health function and mental acuity. Royal jelly is famous as an all-natural anti-aging supplement; however, the most reported royal jelly benefits are related to brain health benefits.

The micro-nutrients in royal jelly function as a natural brain supplement, and this premium royal jelly is a popular companion to our comprehensive brain supplements. Queen bees start out just like any other bee, but then queen bees live about 50 times longer. The royal jelly, made by honey bees and harvested from the hive, makes queen bees out of ordinary worker bees. The only difference is that young queen bees are fed nothing but royal jelly!

These extraordinary natural royal jelly supplements provide powerful micro-nutrients available no where else except in natural royal jelly, thus providing a powerful all-natural brain supplement, brain nutrition, and nutrients for the brain.

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