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I look forward to lifting weights in the evening and often start at 8: Coffee may prolong lifespan for people with kidney disease. This website is intended to provide information about weight loss and health. Scalf Darwin 23 March at I have had wonderful success with this diet and have kept my weight off.

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Our clients have lost over 52 million pounds!

This clears a path for your metabolism to return to a proper state of fat burning balance, but more importantly empowers you to keep that fat burning state active indefinitely. It's because of this approach that our patients feel such a difference and talk about their results on the program and after! At Restoration Wellness Custom Fat Loss our weight loss team is ready to meet with you to discuss your needs. We will help to design a program that is right for you. We look forward to meeting you.

I was skeptical at first but stuck to the plan and was amazed with the results. I'm even more impressed that I've been able to keep the weight off of 4 weeks now.

It gave me hope that I can continue to lose weight and be healthy. I truly am grateful that I was able to experience something so amazing that really works. Indeed, it is a very good beauty therapy at the same time. Not only that it would get rid of excess kilos, but the skin would stay firm and smooth around the area where the fat used to be.

Despite the fact that, in some cases, there would be a reduction of 30 or more kilos approx. It is especially good for the skin on the face and hair, making it lustrous and shiny. Weight Loss and Beauty Qigong most of it is done sitting down and it involves special breathing techniques combined with some meditation. It consists of three exercises, two of which are to be performed daily and the third only when or if necessary.

The whole set works on improving blood circulation and the flow of chi energy , especially around the abdomen where most fat tissue tends to accumulate. Putting on weight in this Qigong is compared to stagnant water where due to passivity all the dirt accumulates, while rivers and other running water tend to be clear.

People who put on weight tend to breathe very shallow, so their abdomen does not move much. So, the first main exercise, in order to achieve a better chi energy flow, involves deep abdominal breathing which stimulates the digestive system, promotes blood circulation around the fat tissue thus "washing it away" and gives a very good massage to the inner organs, especially to the stomach and intestines.

The activated fat tissue supplies the body with energy so no food intake is required. The second major exercise involves regulating the breath and slowing it down, enabling the practitioner to reach a meditative state, known as "genuine sleep".

Five minutes in "genuine sleep" state, in which the body reaches a high state of repair, is equivalent to one hour of quality sleep. In other words, when we normally sleep, out of seven or eight hours, there is about one hour of "genuine sleep" where all the rebalancing takes place.

That means that, even if we sleep much less, but we reach this state, we still get a good rest. However, if we miss out on getting "genuine sleep" some people never reach this state , we can sleep twelve hours and still wake up tired and exhausted.

The third exercise also known as "anti-hunger exercise" is only a couple of minutes long and it requires no mind focusing. It is basically a simple rapid breathing technique that effectively combats hunger and is practiced only when necessary, in other words if the practitioner experiences hunger during the course of practice.

You can do it sitting, laying, walking and basically anywhere, anytime. Even though it is very effective in combating hunger, one cannot and should not only rely on this technique to lose weight for the reasons mentioned in the following article.

The two main exercises are the key to losing weight and treating disease while the third one is simply used as an assisting tool and sometimes may never be needed. There's no doubt that Weight Loss Qigong works, when it comes to losing weight. Tens of thousands of successful cases and a stack of scientific studies in China proved it over and over in the first ten years of its creation. But how does it work? What's the key element of its success, and can it be explained in simple terms? Well, like always, when it comes to Qigong, there are things that can be explained and those that cannot.

The things that are hard to explain and would take many, many pages are the ones that have something to do with chi life energy and how it works, so we won't dwell on that. What we will do, is explain things that are explainable - based on fact and common sense. So, let's draw some parallels.

Let's start with a simple question: What would be the easiest and safest way to control the fire? Obviously by controlling the supply of gas or fuel or whatever else is burning. Body weight is very much like fire.

The more food fuel the more chances of putting on weight. Once the weight is over a certain limit it creates a vicious circle where excess weight leads to more excess weight. Just think this way: People who are overweight constantly carry a spare tyre or many spare tyres wherever they go.

It's hard work and it requires much more energy than those without the problem. And where do you get it from? Unfortunately by eating more, all the inner organs work harder - to digest the food, absorb it, distribute it to more places and so on. At the same time, the heart and lungs have to work harder to supply all those poor muscles and joints with more blood and oxygen and to get rid of more products of metabolism.

So the person gets tired, sweaty, puffed and in the end lacks all the good stuff. Many vital tissues, including the brain, lack nutrients and oxygen, so the person often cannot concentrate and they don't like to move much which in turn leads to putting on more weight.

And that is not even the worst thing. As a result of such intensive wear and tear, many organs and tissues start to break down and lead to injuries and illnesses. Such as overused joints, blood vessels, heart, kidneys, liver All the scientific data clearly demonstrate that the heavier the person the more diseases they suffer from and the shorter their life span compared with the same age people. And so on, and so on No pain, no gain! Treadmills and bicycles are waiting for us, and of course more weights to lift.

Unfortunately, an hour of burning a certain amount of calories, can be easily undone after a mouthful of dessert and nibbles. Plus, did you ever really think of the meaning of the word "burn"?

What happens to your body after you burn 10, 20 or in some cases over 50 kilos of body fat? Especially if you do it over and over. You don't have to be a genius to figure it out - your body gets "burned". In other words, you end up looking much older, your skin gets creased and less elastic and sometimes your health deteriorates as well.

Or, what is so special about it? As if this "bullshit" theory of not eating to reduce weight wasn't already being tested by so many people in the west. Well, bare with us for a second, the trick is not exactly in not eating. Let's see what would happen to many overweight people, if they simply stopped eating for a few days. Theoretically speaking, having excess weight, their body would use all that fat and turn it into energy needed for normal life activities and they would lose their weight.

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