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A little snow from Bethesda: When I was growing up, I had such an affinity for the films of Frank Henenlotter, primarily because I feasted on a steady diet of horror films almost daily from my local video store and of all the horror movies warping my little impressionable mind, Basket Case was the only one made by a fellow Long Islander! This guy came from the same place I was from! And that made his flicks all the more special to me.

A few years back while Frank was in Los Angeles promoting the release of his most recent feature Bad Biology , I got to conduct a career spanning interview with him for Shock Till You Drop. To this day, that chat which you can read right HERE is still among one of my all time favorite interviews.

Thanks so much for talking to me again. Here we are again talking about Basket Case on Blu-Ray. I had a chance to watch it the other night.

I was horrified by them! I shot the film in 16 mm. I remember the film looked bright and was in color. And when it got to theatrical release, the distributor made a dup negative that was so dark and so murky, it looked like we had no lights. It was awful and I was so embarrassed and hated it.

And then, it was projected at 1: So it looked cropped and so dark when it played. So that dark master not only was used for every theatrical print, but also for the initial VHS releases. So of course I hated how it looked. Finally, I was able to do the transfer myself for this Blu-Ray. I had the original 16 mm negative. I had a 16 mm print and we did it from the 35 mm IT, the inter-positive because it was virtually identical to the 16 mm print.

So we had it all there and we kept preparing everything. We kept asking ourselves is this as sharp as this? Is this as colorful as that? And I was able to finally make the film look like the original 16 mm answer print.

Was for it just to be the film I shot. You had found the original 16 mm negatives that you thought were lost for a while. Was finding those the genesis of the Blu-Ray? Or were you planning a Blu-Ray already?