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And the biological mom of Phoebe Buffay's babies. Swank also appeared as a supporting character named Carly on Beverly Hills, , and was infamously fired after a half-season because Aaron Spelling hated her acting. As the family's success grew, Donny and Marie were given their own television show, and they built a TV studio onto their house in the Mormon state of Utah, from where it was broadcast to millions. Back to top Home U. One of the military techs in the trailer in Predator 2. She played a little girl possessed by a demon in The X-Files.

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This anime is notable for being more realistic and cynical than most series about idols, as it clearly shows all the struggles idols have to go through to make it to the top.

White Album revolves around a girl becoming an Idol Singer and the strain this puts on her boyfriend. It portrays the entire situation as very carefully controlled and managed. An emphasis regarding her advertising is that she's trying to return to the pure image of past idols, avoiding the present-day sexualization of the role.

Yo-Kai Watch has a recurring idol group named "Next Harmeowny". Jibanyan is obsessed with them. Thanks to the franchises extreme popularity the group has been defictionalized. GX defies this trope. Everyone around her from her brother to her teachers wants her to become an idol singer — everyone except her.

Her concerts are still considered wildly popular and she even has a protege, in the form of new X-Man Pixie. She is, well, a perfect singer and dancer. Not to forget drop dead beautiful. Super Sentai and its adaptation Power Rangers: Although in a double subversion, Idol Singer IS a cover for her duty as a ninja, but Nanami clearly enjoys being an Idol Singer on her own.

Subverted in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger , where Ranru had previously trained as an idol but gave up because she wanted to be a mechanic. Power Rangers Dino Thunder has Kira Ford, the yellow ranger, a high school student who wanted to be a famous singer.

One of the episodes focusing on her invoked this trope, by having a producer wanting to control every aspect of her singing career, resulting in her wearing clothing and singing songs she really doesn't like. The episode ends with her breaking ties with said producer, wanting to start a singing career on her own terms. Sentai took idol singing to its wackiest in Engine Sentai Goonger with Saki, Miu and Kegalesia forming an idol group, named G-3 Princess, to defeat a Monster of the Week that weakened when hearing beautiful singing.

The group reappears in a later episode to appease a nature spirit haunting a hotel. When that attempt fails, the G3 Princesses were succeeded by the G5 Princes, the Go-on boys forming their own idol group.

With spotlights and glitter and cheesy outfits. Explained in-universe that she is impersonating a real singer whose appearance she can imitate. Mikoto "Meeko" from the Gaburincho of Music movie was also an idol singer, which was actually an important part of the plot.

Nickelodeon was late to the party. They also don't push as hard to sell actresses as idol singers, leading to multiple aversions from actors who don't sign up with Nick's record label partner, Columbia Records. They built an entire episode around a plot dedicated to having Carly sing Miranda's single Shakespeare. It has been reasonably successful, as Miranda has been on multiple well attended tours and achieved reasonable record sales.

Her most recent tour was sold out across the country until a bus accident cut the tour short. Victoria Justice had Victorious built around her as a singing platform for her Idol Singer role and pushed hard. They brought out a Victorious soundtrack. Her first live performance was in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Jennette McCurdy signed to a rival record label because she wanted to sing Country Music rather than getting pushed into a pop career. As a result, Nick won't let her sing on iCarly or promo her music.

It caused her to lash out on Twitter against Miranda and Victoria by retweeting and responding to people saying she was being screwed and was a better singer than the other two girls.

Unlike the other 3 mentioned Nick stablemates, she ended up being the most successful of them all. American Idol , as its name suggests, is second only to the Disney Channel in its output of disposable idol singers for American consumption. The most successful singers from the show are pop-rocker Kelly Clarkson season 1 winner and country star Carrie Underwood season 4 winner , both of whom have multi-platinum albums to their name, although it's mainly associated with churning out one hit wonders.

Indeed, one of the reasons why Season 8 was so much better perceived at least talent-wise, thanks Kara was that Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta seemed to be personally determined to push the show as much as possible out of the pop-confection-machine mold.

The British version of the show is The X Factor and before that, Pop Idol , which, unlike most examples, does allow auditionees over the age of 25, which are included in their own category.

Its most successful winners to date are Leona Lewis and Little Mix , though its biggest success story comes from One Direction. Daddy's Daughters star Liza Arzamasova was promoted as one to capitalize on her new fame, and she released a song called "I Am Your Sun.

Mendol Ikemen is about three girl idols who, after repeatedly getting rejected from auditions as a result of having to hide from the mob in drag , get talked into posing as male idols instead. This phenomenon is Older Than They Think ; change the "Japanese" to "British", and you'd have a pretty accurate assessment of the British music scene in The '60s at least that bit not dominated by British Invasion bands capitalizing on the success of The Beatles.

Ready Steady Girls has more details. Idol singers that came in a group of attractive girls or commonly known as "Idol Group" become a cultural phenomenon in Japan since 70's with Pink Lady and Onyanko Club that had 52 members at the time. In the 's, after the wake of popularity of Morning Musume of Hello! They've gained vast popularity and even dominated the music charts, this phenomenon is dubbed as the "Warring Era of Idols" Idol Sengoku Jidai , which also encompasses anime and video game idols - as of , over half of all idol singer anime shows about idol singers, not just ones that have one as a side character were made in the last six years.

Because of the popularity of the Idol Singer trope in anime, lots of voice actors have an overlap in the idol genre, especially actresses who started their career as an idol trainee before entering the voice acting industry. The growing interest in treating voice actors like idols also happened around the same time as the "Warring Era of Idols.

Aya Hirano was one of the earliest examples of a voice acting idol after she gained popularity for voicing Haruhi Suzumiya at the age of 18, except it went nowhere when it turned out she didn't care about maintaining an idol image.

In addition, Nanabun No Nijyuuni is a multimedia project of "real-life anime idols" created by AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto, Aniplex, and Sony Records Japan, with newcomer voice actresses portraying an idol group in animation and in real-life. They are so powerful and influential that it's rumored that the company personally eliminates any competition from other male idols by forcing big music programs not to invite them onto their shows to promote. Momoiro Clover Z were the first "anti-idol" group that deviated from the cute, fluffy pop style.

By far the best contemporary examples are K-pop groups , which take the Japanese idol manufacturing system and turn it Up to Eleven. Idols undergo long training periods before debuting. If Japanese idols spend at most two years of training before debuting, Korean idols training can go up for a decade.

Their stages are extremely carefully choreographed, the idols undergo strict diets, social media is often prohibited. All their hard work, however, seems to have paid off, as it has made K-pop a global phenomenon.

Subverted with Perfume in that the group was initially an idol group in their earlier years but as their songs gained a more distinct style of technopop the group became a "near future technopop unit". Their producer, Yasutaka Nakata, thrives on this, working with several idols looking to break out of their pop image.

A specific American example from around the same time as The British Invasion: In order to clean them up, Berry Gordy set up a charm school specifically for up-and-coming Motown singers. If they didn't pass, they weren't allowed to perform. In mainstream popular music, over the decades some of the best-known teenage girls who rose to fame Brenda Lee was perhaps the top female teen singing idol of all time, and perhaps overall the most successful.

Hers was a career that transcended her teenage years, as she also flourished on the country charts as she grew into her 20s and 30s. Little Eva and Lesley Gore were probably the top teen stars otherwise. Later on, Debby Boone, although she was 21 when she had her monster hit "You Light Up My Life," was often emulated by teenagers and younger for her winsome good looks, charm, and clean living no doubt thanks to her father, Pat Boone.

Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were easily the top female teen stars, and were noted for their own clean living. In country music, all of whom avert the trope due to actual singing ability: Le Ann Rimes, who was just 14 when she first hit the national scene with "Blue. Say it with me now His most vicious critics blasted him as nothing but a Teen Idol who corrupted youths with his suggestive hip movements while singing and his love for amplified pop music, dismissing it as "garbage" and "noise.

Vocaloid is a software with the concept of virtual idol singers, you can create music, along with third party softwares e. MikuMikuDance for character models. There've been cases of having the virtual singers being projected into real life. The fictional agency Pythagoras Productions act as Rejet 's mascot characters and as their main idol units. They carry 3 groups— Marginal 4 the main group from which the project took off from , their senpai group Lagrange Point, and their kouhai group Unicorn Jr.

Several of the characters, particularly Tsubasa of Unicorn Jr. Shouta Aoi , are noted for their singing. Rejet's idols are part of a trend - male idol unit anime and games are some of the most popular franchises in Japan.

These characters are somewhat meta-fictional, releasing music like live groups separate from their stories. Both the main game and the manga adaptation explore it a bit ; they don't shy away from the point that the boys, first and foremost, are people rather than performers or objects to ogle at, and they pour a lot of blood, sweat and tears to becomes stars, with many ending up with their dreams crushed.

Lenne from Final Fantasy X The game also features a "Songstress" Dressphere that allows any of the characters to transform into Idol Singers during combat. Connie from Steambot Chronicles. Pink Monkey from Ape Escape 2 wants to be one. You fight her during her debut concert. After a few hits, she screams that you ruined her show and then turns into the monkey equivalent of Carrie.

In the third game, she changes her image and tries to break out again Oh, and also in the third game, the female protagonist is a successful idol singer herself.

Monkey Pink was not pleased. Athena Asamiya, best known from The King of Fighters series, holds the day job of Idol Singer when she's not in fighting tournaments. Innocent Sin , Lisa and a few friends unexpectedly got their "Wish" to be idol singers, with a dose of Character Development Lisa admitting she doesn't speak a word of English, and revealing how much she hated being the "odd one out" , and plot the songs were to spread the Joker Rumors further.

In a bonus bit of Take That! Rise "Risette" Kujikawa of Persona 4. Having quit the business to try living a normal life, she's left to cope with everybody knowing and loving her manufactured media personality, while she struggles to figure out exactly who the "real" Rise is, or if there ever was one to begin with.

Despite the game's Rhythm Game premise, its story is a big Take That! Idolcraft is a freeware take on the same concept. Linda, the idol singer evil king. She even performs live for the players.

You can battle a couple in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games. Silver, there's a cabin with a girl using the overworld sprite for the Lass trainer class and a Fearow in it. If you talk to her, she says that she was once an idol singer, and went to the route leading to Mt.

Silver to hide form the paparazzi. She will then give you the TM Steel Wing, and says that she wore a dress inspired by the move at her first live performance. Yancy and Curtis , respectively , who appear in various TV shows and are famous singers, too. Contests in general are revamped to be more like idols than before.

Catgirl Repre from Atelier Iris Dark Hero Axel from Disgaea 2 was one of these, but lost his fame before the game started. Yuna in Galaxy Fraulein Yuna , mostly in backstory but she still does concerts. Executive Meddling changed the level from Hell to an island. The voice of Lammy was Sara Ramirez , known more for her role on Grey's Anatomy and for multiple musicals on Broadway.

NG Resonance in Deus Ex: Clearly inspired by the Japanese idol singers, she's encountered mostly as an AI-controlled hologram that's way smarter and nicer than the real NG who you meet near the end of the game. The Garner twins from Infinite Space are an example One year later on November 1, our second child, Jared was born. The song became a 1 hit and the first concert tour was on. I remained in school and also was managing a small apartment complex for my parents.

But suddenly thousands and thousands of letters started to come to my brothers. But mother found out what they really meant when she learned that no letter would ever be read, they would only take the address off of the envelope and then send out info. Well, Mother would have none of that. She decided to turn the apartment building I was managing and living in, into a fan club!

I quit school and Chris and I began receiving 4 to 6 bags of mail a day! Some how, my Mother was determined that every piece of mail would be read. Well, we poured through the piles full time and found that a lot of the mail was just an inquiry as to weather a Mormon could marry a non-Mormon because girls wanted to know what their chances were with Donny. But we were surprised that there were so many inquiries about our religious beliefs.

There were also many heartbreaking letters from young people with so many kinds of problems and sadness in their lives. My Mother wanted them answered and so my Mother and my sweet Wife Chris began a letter writing campaign that lasted for over 3 years!

The Osmond Brothers Fan Club grew and moved out of the apartment and into a commercial building. I continued to run it and with my brother Tom, we organized and published materials for their press kits and I took hundreds of photos of my brothers and Marie for publicity. Well, we did all this while I was still trying to go to school part time.

By our daughter Virginia was born. We remained involved in the Fan Club which also moved to Provo. It was a phenomenon that just took our breath away and made it so hard to comprehend. Chris and I now had our fourth child David and I was — yes, still in school — and my brothers were starting to get interested in marriage. Then there was the popularity of the Donny and Marie Show.

Through all this, Chris and I remained quite isolated in a sense. We lived in a little rental in South Provo and I was trying to finish up my art degree. But when they broke ground for the Osmond Studio in Orem, the Fan Club got moved there and Mother and Father were determined that all of us would work there together! So, I put my college education on hold again, and went full time into Fan Club work again and publishing and public relations for the brothers. It makes my head spin now when I think of it and the hard work, time and effort that went into being a part of everything going on in that studio.

Now we had our fifth child, Olivia and we were expecting another baby. I tried to go back to school, but it was not even feasible at that point. The brothers and Marie were too popular and we were all swept up in the responsibility that went with it. In our son Hyrum was born, then Joseph in and we had a family of seven children! We decided that the Lord rested on the seventh day and we would rest on the seventh child. My wife had given birth to 7 children in 9 years and she deserved a break!

Just when everything looked wonderful for the future, my family went through some hardships. The Donny and Marie Show was cancelled, there was a struggle keeping the studio going with other things, and the brothers and Marie all sort of decided to go their separate ways at that point and see what they could do on their own.

Chris and I were living in a sweet little split level home in Orem, Utah at the time. It was very modest and we preferred life that way. I stayed involved with the Fan Club part time, sold Insurance part time and went back to school part time. In I was offered a job at a commercial design center in Burbank, California and we packed up our little family and with a U-haul and our old station wagon, we moved to Simi Valley, California to begin a new life.

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