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This is a quick and minimally-invasive procedure with a short recovery time. I have had colon cancer and have several hernias and am also diabetic. The results were impressive. I want to add I did not exercise to begin with but slowly I started using the treadmill and now I have graduated to two sessions a day of 35 minutes starting at 3 mph and going up to 4mph. Using sound medical principles and meal replacements only available to doctors, Dr. Start living thinner with our scientifically verified weight loss methods. A new stomach called a stoma is created during the mini gastric bypass procedure.

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We not only help our patients effectively lose weight, we also encourage a lifestyle of healthy habits, such as healthy cooking. Maintain your health with healthy Hendricks-Approved recipes. Patient information and forms for download. Having a hard time getting motivated? Let these success stories move you to act now.

Three months from today, you'll be glad you made the decision to start! Weight Loss Program Whether you have a little or a lot to lose, we have the blueprint to help you quickly and safely achieve your weight loss goal. Anti-Obesity Medication Obesity is a disease and we must treat it through medically lead and physician oversight programs and medicines. Hendricks Shop Our clinical and nutrition experts have already vetted products for maximum effectiveness and taste.

Weight Management Are you ready to lose weight? Did you know that? Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death. Videos Hendricks for Health Videos. View video testimonials, cooking tips, nutritional and medical tips by selecting the Video menu at the top.

For Diabetics Did you know you can manage, and often reverse, your diabetes through weight loss? Type 2 diabetes is a common and increasingly prevalent illness that is largely preventable. Schedule an Information Session. Call or email info hendricksforhealth. Obesity Medications Now that everyone acknowledges obesity is a disease, anti-obesity medicines must be viewed from a new perspective.

Stomach Stapling Many individuals may conflate stomach surgery and stomach stapling as both are bariatric weight loss surgery. Stomach Stapling Stomach stapling, is the colloquial term to describe a few weight loss surgeries, including gastric sleeve surgery vertical sleeve , roux-en-y gastric bypass, duodenal switch.

Current Weight Loss Surgery Options Below are the five primary weight loss surgery options that are typically accepted and practiced by bariatric surgeons in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. This means it reduces the size of the stomach, therefore reducing food intake and calorie intake.

It originally holds 1 ounce of food, expanding to 3 ounces over time The RNY gastric bypass procedure is restrictive and malabsorptive. It is restrictive because it reduces the size of the stomach, but it also reduces calories absorbed by the body by changing digestion. The mini gastric bypass alters the digestion and creates a smaller pocket of the stomach, making it a restrictive and malabsorptive procedure. Weight loss is achieved through the smaller stomach pouch and by reducing calorie.

Gastric banding is done by reducing the size of the stomach with an implant. As a restrictive procedure, there is a band placed around the upper part of the stomach to make a small pouch out of the stomach itself As a restrictive and malabsorptive weight loss procedure, the duodenal switch creates a new and lower stomach as well as changing digestion of food and calories.

As a restrictive and malabsorptive weight loss procedure. Stomach Alterations Stomach size reduced. The stomach is reduced permanently by removing 75 to 80 percent of the stomach. New Stomach is Created: A new stomach called a stoma is created during the mini gastric bypass procedure.

Food is then bypassing the stomach and going directly to the smaller pouch. With the gastric band implant, the stomach size is reduced. It can be removed or adjusted as needed. The duodenal switch is an irreversible procedure that makes a permanent stomach alteration. About 75 percent of the stomach is removed, leaving behind a significantly smaller portion of the stomach.

Changes to Intestines There are no changes to the intestines during this surgical procedure. The intestines are cut and bypassed during the RNY gastric bypass procedures. This allows it to be malabsorptive of calories and nutrients as well. The small intestines are cut and bypassed with the mini gastric bypass procedure. There are no changes to the intestine.

In the duodenal switch, the intestines are switched to lower food absorption. This is done by creating a new stomach and switching with the last several feet of the small intestine. Operating Time 1 to 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 1 to 2 hours 3 to 4 hours Average Hospital Stay 2 days 2 to 3 days 2 to 3 days 1 day 2 to 3 days Time Off Work 2 weeks 2 to 3 weeks 2 to 3 weeks 1 week 3 weeks Recovery Time The average recovery time following a gastric sleeve procedure is 3 weeks.

This is a laparoscopic procedure with a short recovery time. You may need pain medication to help get you through the recovery period though you will have a small amount of discomfort compared to other weight loss surgery procedures. The average recovery time for RNY gastric bypass is typically six to eight weeks. You are not able to drive on your own for at least 10 days and are instructed to follow all post-op instructions, including taking medications and not returning to normal activities until directed by a doctor.

On average, recovery takes a six to eight weeks. You are released from the hospital in just a couple days, but you will need a few months before you can return to all of your normal activities following the procedure. The gastric banding procedure is minimally invasive and has a short recovery time of weeks. Recovery time for the duodenal switch is about six to eight weeks, though this varies based on the person.

It is laparoscopic so only small incisions are made, but the inside takes longer to heal. Advantages The gastric sleeve procedure does not change your stomach, thus preventing dumping syndrome.

This is a quick and minimally-invasive procedure with a short recovery time. The risks and complications you have after surgery are also minimal. The RNY gastric bypass has the benefit of a high amount of weight loss. It also helps with other medical conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis and sleep apnea. There is a very large amount of weight loss with the mini gastric bypass, making it one of the top benefits.

It also has very few incisions and is done as minimally invasive as possible. This is a safer and shorter procedure than the traditional gastric bypass. The advantages of the gastric banding procedure include being a reversible process and a simple and quick procedure to complete. It is also adjustable, which helps you lose weight over an extended period. This fact that it is adjustable also contributes to reducing risks and complications.

There is a very high level of weight loss, with the average patient losing up to 80 percent of their excess body weight.

The majority of this weight is lost within the first year after the surgery. Disadvantages There tend to be fewer people who lose a large amount of weight after gastric sleeve surgery and the stomach may expand over time causing weight gain. The procedure is not reversible, so certain complications cannot be helped. Some disadvantages of the RNY gastric bypass include leakage and vomiting, dumping syndrome and bleeding following the surgery.

There is also a higher risk of ulcers in the stomach following the procedure. Risks and complications include dumping syndrome, bleeding, vomiting, and leakage. Higher risk of ulcers in the stomach. Among all the weight loss procedures, there is less weight loss with the gastric banding procedure. The band can loosen over time and cause you to eat more and then gain weight. However, it can be adjusted to prevent this from happening. Because of this, expect more visits to the doctor.

The risks and complications are slightly higher than other procedures. The main disadvantage of the duodenal switch is that it is not reversible. It has the same risks and complications of any other type of surgical procedure, and you may experience more bowel movements. Surgery Description The gastric sleeve procedure is done by removing part of the stomach and making a tube-shaped sleeve where the food will then be digested.

Medical Tourism Insurance policy provides the peace of mind and protects you against any additional expenses during your medical procedure. Fill out a Quick Pre-Screen. Fill Out a Full Health Questionnaire. High value of American Dollar against Mexican Pesos. The administrative and paperwork are much lower in Mexico. Pre-Operatory tests and evaluation. Antibiotics and Pain Medicine. WI-FI in hospital and hotel. Phone to call the U. Bariatric Surgery Mexico Costs in Detail.

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