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He is still using his bathing tub, he is pretty much acting as normal. I guess I should also tell you that he only eats Rep-Cal adult iguana food. He use to eat the fresh fruits and veggies, but he quit eating about 2 years ago, and all I could get him to eat was the pellets. I hope that you can give me some insight. We do not have any exotic vets in the area. We would have to travel about 90 miles for a vet.

We will take him if you think it is needed, but I also know that that much time in a car will stress him out. Thank you for your time. Hopefully you can help us. Sounds like he has picked up an infection. Most importantly get him in to your veterinarian Monday and get him some antibiotics. Thank you so much for your help.

I will let you know about the vet issue. We do have a vet here in town that we use on a regular basis. Maybe she wikl be willing to help. I just had a question… I feel silly asking but how can i tell the sex of my iguana? I am a new owner and I am learning as I go. He is very sweet actually and loves when I hold him so I just want to do the best for him. Thank you for your help — Crystal. As mature animals, male iguanas have pores along the bottom side of their legs and a bulge just behind their vent along each side of their tails where their hemipenes male organ that transfers semen fold back into the tail.

We provide that service at your first visit. Is it possible to over feed my Juvenile Iggy? As long as everything else is good I would not worry about that behavior. Is that good or not? They end up just drying out. I bought some vitamin supplement yesterday.

It only has vitamin D3 and calcium in it. If I put that on his peas, will that be sufficient enough for the little guy? It looks just like the Reptiglo 5. That said, the idea that reptiles need UVA is a misconception.

UVA causes skin cancer and sunburn. It does not stimulate appetite, or alter behavior. Those things are stimulated by heat infra-red wavelength light. My recommendation is that you leave the heat light in place all day off at night as per the discussion above. The peas are a good food for a growing iguana.

Combined with a good UV-B light source you should be fine. I recommend against using the vitamin supplement. We see a too many iguanas die of kidney failure that age given vitamin D3.

Try mixing them in with the peas! Very few trees have leaves that are toxic to iguanas. Some Oak leaves have very high levels of tannin and, of course, Oleander is famous for being poisonus.

Most other trees are OK. A quick Google search for the plant you think you want to use would be in order. Here is a good list of poisonous plants from Wikipedia. I took it out when I saw he ate a few bites of it.

Do you think he will be OK? The sap is only in the stems right? Please get back to me. Dustin The toxic material, calcium oxalates, are in all parts of the plant. Small amounts cause irritation to the mouth and throat hence the name.

Large amounts over an extended period may cause other tissue damage mostly kidney damage. The few bites your iguana took should not be a problem.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Dieffenbachia dumb cane Pothos, Epipremnum aureum. I just got 2 iguanas, a female and a male. I provided then with treebark and branches I bought from a petstore which narrowed the area that they live in. They are not drinking water that much what should I do? I read in an iguana handbook that I have to wash them everyday while there skin sheds. Please reply as fast as possible. I really appreciate what you are doing for the sake of the iguanas and helping people understand the life and learn about the habitats of the iguanas and how to treat them with respect.

Sounds like you have a good start. Young iguanas like having a somewhat crowded cage with lots of climbing and perching sites. Double check temperatures very important!

My daughter got a baby iguana. You must supply adequate heat and UV see the article above and get your iguana to eat a healthy diet. Caring for a pet is a lot like being a parent. I just received an iguana from a lady who was unable to take care of him properly. She has no idea of age or sex. The cage was nasty. I have just a few questions. By the time an iguana is 4 feet long you can sex it by the presence or absence of femoral pores. In general, larger cages are better, but there comes a point where heating the environment becomes difficult.

It is better to make the largest dimension long vs tall as heating a 6 foot tall cage is impractical. Lastly, even iguanas that are handled as hatchlings may become dangerous as adults.

Your new green ward will become more comfortable with you if you do get it out and handle it but always be aware and do not put yourself in a position were you can be bit. We have had females over 20 years old lay!!! Hi, We have an iguana that is about a year old. Sometimes she will be sitting still or laying on the log and all of a sudden she jumps as if she had a hiccup. Also, she has started to eat the paper on the bottom of the cage.

Will this hurt her. Eating paper is not normal but will not hurt your iguana in small amounts. Is the paper flat on the bottom of shredded into bedding? First of all I want to thank you for the info you provide on our little green friends I am new to the world of iguanas I have had the one for couple of months and he is about 18 inches and seems to be healthy eats good and is very active but when I got him he was missing a toe and had one that looked dead and since then has fallen off is this common or should I be worried will they grow back thanks so much.

Iguanas seem to abuse their toes. When I was chasing them around the wild it seemed that all of them had missing toes, missing toe nails, broken and dislocated toes. They seem to do fine without them and a missing toe is better than an infected one! I have a iguana that is about 6 months old. One of his back legs is bigger than the other. These are caused by metabolic bone disease MBD.

MBD is common in young iguanas. It is caused by lack of exposure to UV-B, low calcium content of diet and low environmental temperature. To confirm that MBD is the problem your veterinarian may need to take a radiograph X-ray. Treatment will include correcting the underlying problem and, in some cases, supplements and pain medicine. Hope all turns out OK. Dan You need to get your iguana to a veterinarian as soon as posible. He may have eaten something poisonous or noxious some plants, insects,etc.

He may have been overheated, or he may be sick. An experienced reptile veterinarian will give your frienf his best chance. Thank you so much Dr. Cleanliness is next to Godliness!!! I have a question. I just got my iguana a couple days ago and I was wondering if I could go outside and get a stick or two and put it in the tank?

Branches from outside are fine. Wash them off and make sure that there are no sharp points that may hurt your new friend. J We just adopted a 4 ft. I am completely new to this. When we went to pick up this kid we were in shock of the living conditions for this animal and he has biten someone and I am wondering what is the best way to calm the kid down. However I know they can be territoral so would it be best if I go in the cage with it for him to get to know me and trust me or do I just jump in and go for it.

I want what is best for him and keep me somewhat safe. When we got him home I was cleaning out the old tank that he was in and he jumped out and ran all over our house tried to climb my bookcase, not a good thing, he is ok.

We tried to put a towel over him to calm him down but it did the oppisite thing it made him more aggresive. Do you Have any suggestions or am I doing what I can. Anything you can tell me would help. A large iguana can be very dangerous. If you have to catch him, cover him with a thick blanket and restrain him behind his neck and at the base of his tail. Be careful of sharp claws and whipping tail! J, this is Josh. You helped me with my Yoshi a few moths ago, he is doing a lot better now but, I have 1 more question About my Yoshi.

His claws are growing out and they seem a little long. Should I clip them or just leave them alone? Josh Sooner or later you will need to clip his nails or have someone clip them.

Before you start this project, you need to buy some Kwik-Stop or similar styptic powder just in case you cut a nail too short and a pair of Resco Nail Clippers. Restrain Yoshi in a thick towel so you do not get bit, scratched or whipped with his tail. You may want someone to hold him for you. You can smooth the end with an emery board I like the foam type that are make for acrylic nails if he does well with the clipping.

Hey doc this is mark I read that its ok to feed frozen vegis to our green iguanas not that I have a ptoblem with the two of mine eating I usually make a salad for them consisting of collared greens cabbage bell peppers and peaches mangos too they love it sometimes i put thawed frozen vegetables in is this ok or not thanks.

Frozen vegetables are OK as a suppliment, but not as a significant part. I think of them as a garnish. The cats and dogs have always been of the longer lived inclination years on generally.

Four feet or fewer we have a chance at being friends. Our cats moved in with my folks. Then we moved to Atlanta. The only tree in the block in North Philadelphia. To tell the amusing side of the story, it could only have happened to us. The tragic side is someone bought it freaked and streeted it. We have no history. It is 2 feet long or so nose to tail. My folks took it to a vet not a specialist who said it had a fungus on its head from lack of sun and some malnutrition.

Gave my folks a prescription to apply daily with a q-tip. They did research and found your web-site. It has had a steady diet of collard greens and yesterday went nuts for a bannana. My Dad kept commenting on how green it was getting having been less healthy , my husband has taken up the getting greener chant. It spends most of the day semi-shaded on the porch and the night indoors.

We handle it with gloves so far as we all learn. Is calm when we hold it. I garden and have always had trouble over-wintering my indoor plants because of spider mites. What about herb plants basils, oregano, rosemary, mints, I have extra of some of these some flowers as well. You said pothos and deiffembacchia were acceptable for in the cage: Will it eat things it should avoid? What do they do in the wild? We will build a larger cage single room no wheels but….

Thank you very much for answering what you can of these. We want to make sure all is well and smooth for as long as possible. Lisa Great story, you have a gift for story telling! In the wild, iguanas grow inches a month. They can and should grow at that rate in captivity but often do not. Temperature is the most important factor affecting their growth rate.

He should do well with Atlanta summer but you will have to move it in and provide heat for the winter. The typically do fine and apparentlythis one did OK living on its own. Your friend will not stay green forever. As young animals they get a grey sheen to their head and sometimes their backs from being out in the sun this may be what he had when found.

This would fade with less time in full sunlight. As they grow older they become less green and more grey or even orange. I do have several golden pothos plants. Went to wiki-pedia and downloaded poisonous plant list. I noticed that most of the plants on the list are things I would not have in the house much less put in the cage. But I also know that some things are more toxic to certain species than to others. Sara 16 year old cat is attracted to my jades, my spider plants and my diffenbacchia.

I have to work to keep it out of her reach. What if I get a young thistle plant instead. Will that be a harmful error or a neutral one? Iguanas are likely less sensitive to poisonous plants than some other animals. Problem is that there have not been any good studies to show just how poisonous any plant is to iguanas. Dandilions are fine we feed then to iguanas in the hospital. I have seen iguanas in the wild eat thistle family plants apparently not bothered by thorns. Um I have a question I have a baby green iguana thats about 1 foot long and on his back right behind his head its a light brown color and along his back but he is sheading is that ok?

Give it some time and see what happens. If it is shedding skin it should be off in a couple of days. I have another question. Is it OK if I give my baby green iguana regular sunlight outside every day and spray his body with vitaspray without using a uvb light?

The problem comes when temperatures get too cold to go out every day. And is it OK to get a couple sticks from outside so it can climb?

Can I do that or go buy fake ones? How do you keep them warm at night? I know you use a heat lamp during the day, but what about at night? I live in a cold climate area and am interested in someday owning an iguana. Larger animals use a piglet heater my favorite is the Stanford heater available here. Iguanas that will not use a hide box should have a ceramic heater that keeps the area that the iguana sleeps in at the same temperature.

I was told that this iguana is a young male, but he looks pretty adult to me. I make a point of touching him every day and he is getting better. I finally have him eating an assortment of greens, including mulberry leaves, and he LOVES pumpkin blossoms.

I have tortoises, so I am pretty much giving him what I give them. He is a bright flame orange red, head to tail. I have had him for a few months now, and the color has stayed the same. Cyndi The red and orange colored iguanas are just different races of the green iguana Iguana iguana. There are some countries or areas within countries that seem to have more of one color or another and they seem have some genetic link that is to say that iguanas that are red are more likelyh to have offspring that are red.

That said there is no difference in their environmental or dietary needs. Just a very cool colored iguana!!! If you get a chance post pictures to our Facebook page: Are you supposed to feed your lizard by hand? At first he never tried to bite my hand and now he always tries and I feed him by hand. For simplicity reasons alone, I think you are better off teaching him to eat off of a plate or dish. My iguanas tail came off! What do I do? Will it be ok? Im so upset and worried please help it is a new iguana only a few weeks old.

It will regrow, not as nice a tail at it broke off. My nephew dropped his Iguana in a shallow bucket of water with a hint of Fabuloso- the cleaning supply , on Saturday only for a couple of seconds.

Is it possible for her eyes to be permanently damaged? She has stopped eating and there is slowing of pace in her mobility. Is there anything I can do to help nurse it back to health? My nephew is really attached to it. Thanks for your help in advanced. These may heal but MUST be attended to as soon as possible. Get him to a veterinarian today!!! For the rest of you reading this post, if this was to happen to your pet, rinse their eyes in cool water for as long as you can then take the pet to your veterinarian or veterinary emergency clinic for appropriate treatment.

I have a year old green iguana. I hold him a couple of times a day but he is still very violent. Everytime I get him out of his cage he bites and whips at me. Is there any way to help calm him?

Repeated handling will often help but a healthy iguana is an aggressive animal. You will never be able to trust that it will not bit or whip hou and it must be handled accordingly. It is very difficult to heat a large cage. Follow the recommendations in the above and your new friend should do great!!!

I caught a baby iguana on Saturday. I got a cage, Romane letuce and, or course, water. Alain The information you need is all in the instructions above. A special note, Romaine letuce does not have enough nutritional value to keep your iguana healthy. My green buddy has a gallon tank glass with a bark-based bottom.

Is there anything wrong with his environment? When should I use the UVB and vice versa the basking light. Jerry Your green friend will grow out of 10 gallons prety fast. You need to use the UV-b and heat lamp for hours a day. At night they can get some supportive heat from an under tank heater or a ceramic heater ther one that does not produce any light. My granddaughter won an iguana a carnival today!

It was in a very small cage. Also, we put some limbs and logs from outside in the cage. We have yet to get a heat lamp but will get it tomorrow. Is it necessary to get a heating device to put under the cage? I have him in front of a south window so he can get plenty of sunlight.

Our house temp is 76 at night. I am not a fan of this little reptile!! Just want to care for it properly. Be careful with the sunlight coming through the window that it does not get over heated! I have an Iguana that is 7yrs old, she roams the house like one of our other pets we have, She goes in and out of her cage freely, when we first got her she would get out of her cage and roam the house, there was a few nights I woke up and she was under my pillow asleep with us in bed.

I just have a few questions, she will eat her fruits and veggies but she also likes the cat and dog food with it hurt her? Thank You if you could answer these questions for me. Lots of peoples iguanas roam the house. It is fine as long as they use that basking lite so that they stay warm enough and get enough UV-b by spending time outside or under a UV light.

It sounds like your green friend is happy and successful in its environment. I currently have him in a hutch that we converted into a turraium for him. We have three separate lights for him, day time heat, night time heat, and his uva light. I feed him fresh fruits and veggies daily on top of fresh plants for him, but he first seem to be growing as rapidly as I thought he would.

When we got him he was just a lil guy bout maybe 15 in now 3 yrs later hes only bout 30 in. If not what should I do? Having a heat light is not enough, you have to know how hot those temperatures are: See the information above. It may be that you have a female. There is a chance that your iguana is normal.

Some female iguanas only get to be feet long. If conditions were poor when the iguana was young their growth is stunted and they never get to their full potential. If there is a chance he is not healthy poor appetite, slow to shed iguanas should never go more than a week or two without some part shedding skin then you may want to have him checked by a good reptile veterinarian. Most iguana problems are based in husbandry, so first, go through all the information above and make certain that you temperatures are correct.

If she does not respond, find an interested veterinarian in your area that you can communicate with well and have them cal me for a consult. Your advice and my experience of reptiles igs in particular tie up. I was beginning to think that iguanas in the USA and those in the southern hemisphere were different species, or the people were. The advice you give is good, common sense mostly, and I thank you for it! I have always loved iguanas and would eventually like to own one.

The thing is, I was planning to move to canada, where it is not really iguana weather. Iguanas do fine indoors if they are warm enough and have adequate UV-b lighting see the information above. I am having an issue with my 6 year old iguana. She ate some saran wrap, well a large piece of saran wrap, she passed it 6 days ago. After the saran wrap came out she began to swell. Her legs and tail are swollen, her face is not swollen.

Her limbs are not firm to the touch, they are still squishy. She is still eating some and she is not lethargic or extra sleepy. She still participates in her warm baths and climbs up and down her enclosure. She eats collard greens, kale, mustard greens, dandelion greens, and assorted fruit…all of which is powdered with a multi-vitamin and calcium.

Sarah There are many possible causes for the changes you are seeing in your iguana, all are worrisome. I think you need to find a veterinarian and have a god physical examination done. He is about one foot and three inches long. Please wright me back as soon as you can! Nicole Jeffrey great name! More specific to diet, iguanas are leaf eating lizards. They eat mostly tree leaves that are high in fiber.

Fruits, flowers and seeds make up a very small portion of of their diet. Congratulations on your new pet. Everyday i feed him fresh collards, kale, sweet potatoe an squash. Niether has he shed since having him only when i got him he was finishing a shed. What do you think it could be? These lights are the same as those used for sun tanning in the ss. They were taken off the market because they produced a huge amount of UV-a causes sunburn and skin cancer and almost no UV-b good UV that activates vitamin D.

My cousin has recently left his iguana in my care. He had caught a few wild gardner snakes and put them in the encloser with the iguana. I have read the directions on the suplements and it says only use 1 or 2 times a week, but my cousin comes by and gives it a pretty heavy dose almost everyday. Any advice other than smacking my idiot cousin would be appreciated.

We see more problems caused by too much vitamin D and calcium caused by supplements than we see caused bu no supplements. I do not use or recommend them at all. I have a red iguana that is about 2 He attempts to but acts like he is choking on his food. We looked inside his mouth and the side of his mouth are black. I would appreciate any advice you can give.

Thank you Danna Arnold. Use a rubber spatula to carefully open his mouth and look down his throat be careful not to get bit!!! They can call us for a consult if they have questions. J Jeffrey has become much more active and attentive and still refuses to eat. I looked around online and read about iquanas, and i think that Jeffrey might have parisites and that is what is causing him to not have a appitite. Is there anything i can give him? Also i learned that you measure a iguana from the tip of thier nose to the base of thier tale and he is about five inches long but plus his tail he is at least 1ft and three inches.

Do you have any estimate on how old he is i am realy curiose to know. Well my iguana Pickles is a juvenile iguana and he has a cage without a U. Light can he die without it? Also if I hold him to much can he die or will he be more attracted to me. Young iguanas have a great need for UB-b light.

See original post on iguana care. If I hold Pickles my iguana to much will he die or be more attracted to me? Sorry I missed that part! Be careful not to get bit. Be patient with Pickles and I think your efforts will be rewarded.

What are some fruit and veggies that have calcium I normally feed him collard greens, tomatoes, and zucchini? Do any of those have calcium? These would include collard greens, kale, dandelions, mustard greens, spinach, parsley, etc. As a treat you can add. Oh and also my iguana does not have a heat source as in heat lamps and such, can he die?

I am so sorry for asking you so much stuff about pickles. Yes, without heat he will die in time. Most die of pneumonia or complications of skin infections. Some eat and digest so poorly they starve to death. J I have had my iguana for about 3 months now.

He is about 3 inches from stv, He eats his food but can never finish what is giving to him like there is no appetite. Anyways for 3 months now he still looks the same size no weight gain or growth! I just started feed him calcium about 3 days ago. I know that I sound like a broken record, but the most likely cause of your problems is too little heat. The most common signs of low an environmental temperature include: Young iguanas will often sleep in a hide box.

An under tank heater works well for this application. Older iguanas want to sleep on a shelf or branch. A ceramic heater works better for this location. Adjust temperatures using lamp dimmer switches. I like the ones make by Levitron. How many watts will depend on the distance the light is from the basking site and the ambient temperature of the room.

Typicall you will need watt bulb. The first thing is to check the temperature in his basking site under the heat light and in his cage.

Low environmental temperature is the number one cause of not eating anorexia and weight loss. If those temperatures are OK then you should have a veterinarian check him out and, likely, take a blood test to rule out infection or organ problems.

My iguana, Paco, is about 16 months old. He seems very healthy with a good temperament, but he has a lump on top of his tail. Do I need to be concerned? This is not an emergency but the chronic infection will eventually make Paco sick and cause systemic whole body problems. Hi I really want a iguana or lizard which one do you think is a better pet? My personal opinion is that iguanas are difficult reptiles to keep.

Care information is here: Let me know what you decide!!! Just in time for Halloween!! Pumpkin and other squash are healthy vegetables for iguanas to eat.

You will need to grate it or cut it into thin strips. Send me a picture of your iguana eating his pumpkin or post it on our Facebook page http: Hi I have an iguana, his name is Mugzy.

Mugzy is about 5 years old and is over 5 feet long. Yyes he is big. Jenkins my question is….. Just recently I have noticed that Mugzy is sleeping with his tongue out.

Most iguanas get sufficient water from the vegetables they eat. I might think that if they had blocked nostrils from incomplete shed or nasal discharge that they would breath through their mouths. May just be a new behaviour! Give him a good look in his mouth and nostrils just to be sure. Hi I have an iguana that is 5 months old. He is living in 70 degree climate. Am i doing the right thing? There is a chance that your cage is hotter than you think.

You need to have a reliable thermometer typically not one from a pet shop. The terrarium size is OK for a new hatchling but will not last more than a year. My iguana likes to hide under the green turf. He sleeps there all night. He also eats some of his meal before he goes to sleep, then after I go to sleep he comes out to eat the fresh veggies I set out. Is this normal behavior? My iguana is about five months now and growing. Young iguanas are at risk of being killed by predators and spend some time hiden away.

You may want to supply a hide box or other place to hide two shelves placed a few inches abart can make a good crevas for a young iguna to hide in. I adopted a 10 year old iguana whose tail had just been amputated because it was fractured in 3 places and never splinted or fixed.

Her tail is trying to grow back, of course, but is now 2 inches long and the circumfrence of a pinky finger. I guess my question is was the vet wrong and is there anything more I can do for her? If she has a good environment and diet she should have a new tail in no time. Iguanas can store vitamin D for a period of time and how much they need is a function of calcium usage in their body. If they are growing or layig eggs they will need more than if they are mature and not laying eggs. In any case, the lack of UVb will catch up with them in time.

Get a UVb source. It will be less expensive to get one now than to treat the problems that will develop later!!! Hi I am Firas from Palestine. I have a green iguana that is 1 year old maybe. My small iguana is always sleeping for about 1 week. I went to a veterinarian, he told me that he is good but I should give him some heat. He is warm now and he still sleeping. I read about feeding and i think i give him a good diet. Please help me Thank you. Frias The most common reason for an iguana to sleep all the time and not to eat is lack of heat, so the veterinarian may be right.

Have the veterinarian take another look at him if you are still concerned. Let me know how things progress. If you can keep that up for most of the year, you do not need a UVb light. My iguana in the middle of the afternoon is always hiding under the green turf.

He sleeps this way all night. Cindy Young iguanas make tasty snacks for a lot of animals in the wild and are picked on by big iguanas, therefore they try to stay out of sight. It can be on the floor of the cage or it can be on a shelf in the cage up off the floor. The important thing is that you find something that he likes to use. They are sexed by probing the males hemi-penes.

This should be done by an experienced person so as to not injur the amial. These are the row of pores on the bottom of the back legs.

Each pore on the males have a waxy secretion that protrudes from the pore like a little Crayon. When you first get your baby iguana, how long does it take to get it tamed and use to you? Even when I pick it up. It depends on the iguana. In general, feisty iguanas are healthy. They nap during the day and sleep through the night which in a captive situation would be when you turn off the lights. Glad to hear it. How about posting a picture. Send me one or post one to our Facebook page: Why would this happen?

The tip of his tongue has always been darker red than the rest of his tongue. Iguanas with bone problems MBD often have a lower jaw that is shorter than their upper jaw. When iguanas are warm they often sit with their mouth open a smidgen. If he stops eating or shows other signs of illness, best to have him seen.

Where should I look and how long can he stay without food??? Look in warm, dark spots. Behind the refrigerator, behind the dryer, etc. Typically they will come looking for food or water when they get hungry or thirsty.

J My pet iguana Jeffrey has a big white spot on his side, he is a green iguana should I be concerned. These are often caused by infection bacterial of fungal or burns.

The large scale on either side of iguanas head is for display. That is, to show off to other iguanas to they will know just how big and tough they are and do impress the girl iguanas. I have a young Iguana whose solid part of his poop has turned an orange color. He eats mostly collard greens and mustard greens, but I did mix in some carrot shavings.

Could the carrots have caused the color change? He is still active and eating. Thank You for your help. He eats fine but only opens his mouth half way. He is about 3 ft long and the big circles on both side of his neck look like there popping out and are rock hard. Please tell me what i can do to help him. Iguanas can get abscesses under their tongue extending below their jaw.

If that is the case, you need to find a reptile vet to start him on antibiotics and he may require surgery to remove the abscess. A month ago he escaped from his enclosure and has been living in my garden up in the trees. Yesterday he managed to jump my 3 metre wall with electric fencing?? Worried he woud be run over he stopped his car along side my Iguana, this frightened Picasso and he ran into the property across our road, which happens to be a school!!

Well needless to say I have searched high and low in the School, surrounding properties too! Shoulkd they see him they must contact me.

Advising them not to try catch or give chase as Iguana will become more terrified and may be aggressive too! Picasso has been living with us for almost 4 years, he very used to human contact! He has escaped a couple of times and when caught by myself has become aggressive as he Was frightened, using his tail to hit and opening his mouth but has never attempted to bite any of us ever!

Picasso was very cross to be returned to his glass cage and showed us so! I am worried about his safety! What will he survive on, will he eat leaves of trees if any! Please advise what to do — where to check — will he instinctively go where an Iguana would go — which is thev highest place? I am so scared for him! Iguanas do well on their own.

They seem to have a second nature what trees they can eat they are, after all, a tree leaf eating reptile. When we put the new iguana next to Alex it seems like the new one gets happy and its just following Alex. But Alex seems not to like the new one and gets really dark almost black when around the new one, and avoids her.

Is it bad for Alex to get like that or will they get along after time passes by. What should we do? As a general rule, iguanas do not like other iguanas. This behavior increases with age. Llittle hatchlings get along well but by the time they are a year old their only interest in other iguanas is breeding and that can be a very violent act. Most people who keep more than one iguana keep them housed separately. I have had my iguana for a few months now, and Spazzy is still very small. Any ideas on some inexpensive other vegetables I could try?

Also, since the beginning we try to hold her, let her roam, and let her swim in a warm tub, but she still is terrified if we even stick our hand in the cage. Any ideas on how to let her know I am not an enemy? That is, anything that is leafy and green and does NOT have lettuce in its name. Most like dandelions, mustard greens, kale, turnip greens, etc.

Some will eat parsley, cilantro, spinach. You can also feed shredded squash, carrots or sweet potatoes. If you have a garden you can feed rose, nasturtium, squash flowers or other edible flowers. You can feed green beans, peas and pea pods, snap peas, etc. That should be a good start. Hi, I found my iguana in my sun room. He was missing for 7 days. I gave him water and heat and he is all better now!!!!!!!! I just bought an iguana. Does it matter what color light i use?

I have seen blue, white, and red. I would ask my local pet store but they dont even carry the lights lol. I heard from someone that feeding iguanas hibiscus flowers are very good for them its like candy is this true? Read Care of Iguanas and the comments above. Iguanas like eating flowers. Hi, My name is Monika; my Iguana appeares to have some white spots on her back right next to her spikes.

And when she does eat, she sometimes eat alot. Oh and one more thing, she appears to get WAY darker, is that Normal? Monika Iguanas have several skin problems that may look like white spots. It would be best to have a reptile veterinarian take a look at them. Appetite in iguanas is greatly influenced by environmental temperature. Lastly, many iguanas skin gets dark when they are upset or cold. Do iguanas shed their tales? When my iguana grows older will he leave germs behind if i let him roam around the house with my supervision?

Ali Iguanas do not shed their tails. They may regenerate regrow their tail if it is broken off. A special note to iguana owners with children. Although rare in my experience some iguanas do carry bad bacteria including Salmonella.

Children are more likely to pick up these infections and more likely to have bad disease if they do so. I have a 13 yr old iguana. I discovered a bladder stone and had it surgically removed. Afterwards he became more alert and active but still continues to lose weight. By simply looking at the ingredients on the back of the can, you can get a feel of how one brand compares with the next. And later, your goldfish will thank you with vibrant colors and years of entertainment.

To start with, there are several different types of food you can buy. Dry food including flakes, pellets, sticks, and wafers are the most used and marketed goldfish food available. Some are specially formulated to sink in the water, while others naturally float at the top of the aquarium. Flakes are known to float at the water surface, while pellets often sink to the gravel below though not always — you can buy pellets that float as well.

Goldfish graze at both the top and bottom of the aquarium. Though, they do spend most of their time energetically sifting through the substrate for any tasty tidbits they might have missed.

Unless your goldfish are sick or sensitive to buoyancy problems, both floating and sinking food will do just fine. Since floating dry food can cause goldfish to suck in packets of air, some fish hobbyists only offer their goldfish sinking pellets to avoid problems — like buoyancy and swim bladder issues which fancy goldfish are especially prone to. Floating dry food has its advantages though.

Flakes and floating pellets are easier to manage. Ultimately the brand of goldfish food you choose is up to you. If you have trouble making up your mind, you can always feed your goldfish both floating flakes and sinking pellets variety is always a good way to go.

Depending on what is offered and how the live food is fed, nutrition can change. Many fish enthusiasts recommend feeding a very nutritious diet to live food before feeding a process called gutloading so your goldfish can benefit from the extra nutrition. Best of all, your goldfish will love every bite! Live goldfish food is an awesome source of protein. The extra protein is good for young goldfish that are still growing and fancy varieties with developing head growths like oranda and lionhead goldfish.

Brine shrimp is a popular choice. You can hatch brine shrimp eggs quickly within 24 hours under the right conditions — and it can be quite fun to watch! Thankfully, you can eliminate risk altogether. Live foods available include brine shrimp, daphnia, tubifex worms, glass worms, and aquarium snails. In fact, aquarium snails are a goldfish delicacy!

With frozen or freeze-dried food, your goldfish basically receive all of the nutrients of live food without the risk of infection. And just like live food, your goldfish will go crazy for a bite! While often available in chunks, freeze-dried goldfish food can be broken up for younger goldfish.

Full-grown goldfish are just as happy eating them whole. Brine shrimp and blood worms are two of the most popular freeze-dried food on the market. Pet stores also carry tubifex worms , krill , plankton , Mysis shrimp , cyclops , and daphnia.

Krill is especially effective in boosting high carotene levels — necessary for red pigment growth. Carotene also promotes beautiful contrasting colors in goldfish. Goldfish treats fed once a week or a couple times per month can build excitement during feeding time.

Goldfish are primarily herbivores. Yes, they are omnivores and eat meat as well. But they should also be fed a good diet that includes lots of greens. Soft veggies, like frozen peas with the skin removed , frozen zucchini, boiled broccoli, and diced boiled potatoes can be fed in addition to freeze-dried meals egg yolk is another favorite, though messy — expect a water change after! Veggies are often recommended for older goldfish to help with digestion. Goldfish struggling with swim bladder problems or swimming upside down will also appreciate a few more greens in their diet.

Keep vegetables natural and soft by boiling the food or thawing goldfish food out if frozen. Your goldfish will quickly grow bored of eating only one type of goldfish food day after day. Would you like to eat oatmeal every day of the week?

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