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In the best situations breakups are good for both parties. Sometimes a relationship can be a rut for both people. It can be positive for both to move on and change their lives for the better. No matter what the situation is in a specific breakup the emotion has likely been covered in a great country breakup song. Their career never came to head back then and they later realized it was a blessing.

In , SheDaisy broke out with their debut country single Little Goodbyes. The song cracked the top three on the charts. The girls had something unique and they stood out at the time. The song Little Goodbyes had sass and attitude. It was about a woman leaving her man for good this time.

She leaves her goodbyes all over the house in the form of unpaid bills, lipstick tubes, and CDs. Randy Travis can sing the best country songs like no one else. Download Better Class of Losers. This is one of my favorite country songs. I like both versions of the song. Gary Stewarts was the bigger of the two hits.

He recorded it for a tribute album to the country classics. A woman is leaving Dierks Bentley. She heads out the door and down the road. Dierks is left standing in the rain wanting to see just the tap of a brake light.

We never know if he sees that brake light, but chances are there is nothing. Download Settle For A Slowdown. Her songs were so awesome and so unique she had everybody buying her music and attending her huge concert shows. The song was an up tempo declaration for a woman that wanted to be taken seriously by a man.

This relationship got over before it even really began. Nobody rocks the harmonies like Little Big Town. The group has been around for some years. Success has been here and gone and back again for the group. Something about their unique sound endears them to country fans though and Little Big Town will likely have a long country career.

A hit for the band was the breakup song Good As Gone. Download Good As Gone. The song is about a guy whose woman is leaving him.

She moving on and breaking up with him. Vince plays the narrator. He simply begs and pleads her to at least be kind enough to take her memory with her as she leaves.

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