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Tried it with almond meal instead of flour and found that the recipe needed much moe meal than the flour. I can definitely live without the soy protein. I made these this morning and they are perfect! Thanks for the healthy recipe! The books were recommended to me a while ago, and I was so excited to see HBO bring the characters to life also not a book snob who freaks out about small deviations. And I watch the Kardashians too, ugh.

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I use bananas in smoothies, bread and the occasional ice cream sundae. And when I last purchased them from Aldi they were only.

A banana boatload of savings!! Banana bread is one of my favorite frugal tricks; I throw those overripe bananas in the freezer and whip up some bread when I want a sweet treat. So I find bananas a little less portable than you do.

Oh, speaking of eating, a word to the wise: Because once I introduced fruit, it was all over for veggies. For Frugal Banana lovers everywhere…I leave you with this story of horror and nightmares! One year…many moons ago, there was a huge and devastating cyclone which hit the heartland of the banana growing industry flattening thousands of plants. Immediately even though cold storage would have had months worth stocked up prices sky rocketed.

At the time I was putting myself through uni and working at a supermarket. Occasionally a customer would buy just the one, as a treat.. That horror eventually ended…but we still talk about it in hushed tones. Yes I remember with horror the prices of bananas back then. Devastated as I was a follower of 30bananasaday back then.

Winter was just dates and oranges, with the rare banana. All the fruit eaters were having a woeful time. My sister lives south of Coffs Harbour and her extended family has a banana farm. We loooved visits from them extra more than usual because they would bring bananas. But in all seriousness, I must bring to your attention the current plight of the banana. Horrible and shocking, I know! Give it a Google. Yet filling and healthy and tasty. And I have taken that advice seriously in the years since.

I go through 3 or 4 in a week. I tried making banana pudding last week for the first time. Did not turn out well. Then explain pineapples to me, Kirk! Why are there pineapples!? Even the history of bananas is interesting!

Governments were toppled for bananas. I never was one for eating plain old bananas when I was young oh, the shame! All hail our banana overlords! This article has opened my eyes to the many uses of bananas that I had somehow overlooked in my personal adoration of said fruit.

I eat one a day. We love bananas and routinely run out. I have to disagree about their portability though. I find they go to mush and are not great for most kinds of travel.

Car travel if they are gently sitting atop something, sure. But plane travel, stuffed in a backpack of purse, toys, books, and snacks? You can eat up to 30 or more bananas a day and still lose weight. And Freelee looks amazing! Veganism is not for everyone, and there are many, MANY more credible sources about veganism as a lifestyle than Freelea and her boyfriend Durianrider.

Veganism is for everyone — the absolutely healthest option, but most people simply are not open to making the switch. In the interest of not hijacking this thread any further, no, veganism is not for everyone.

No one diet is right for everyone. The beauty of living in the first world is that we can eat how we like. Ready to have your mind blown? Learn how to open a banana like a monkey: Hahahaha, this is hilarious. I have actually discovered another use for the banana: I bring one to work every day for my morning snack. Not to mention how cheap they are! They skins still age as they normally would, but the insides stay nice.

I like my bananas on the ripe side, and with this method I can pull a few off every couple of days and always have perfect bananas! I have no trouble shopping for my own snacks.

I need an algorithm to help me STOP snacking. How is this possible?!? Who buys this stuff?? Our household shares your love for the holy yellow fruit. My favorite way to eat a banana is to slice it up, sprinkle some cinnamon on it, wrap it in tin foil and freeze! My greyhound actually loves bananas!

Ruby once snuck out of her gated-off area while I was at work and somehow managed to peel and consume 3 whole bananas I had left on the counter. No idea how she did that. Baby T loves bananas and typically eat 2 per day. There are some short, fat Ecuadorian bananas that I get at the Asian market that taste so much better than regular bananas! Plantains can be cooked as a potato-like starch, as chips or if very ripe, as a dessert fruit! Another use for a banana is as a faux pistol.

I once said to someone who was bugging me.: I am armed and dangerous and packing a big banana! Any fruit that you grow yourself is, naturally, the most frugal. Or even better, forage. No startup costs for plants, and you get a lovely hike or walk out of it. If they start going bad, I do make banana bread. Blueberry oatmeal banana bread, slathered in real butter FTW! I loved them for over 4 decades, LOL, and then developed a severe allergy. I really miss banana bread.

The problem is getting your neighbors to accept the excess crop! I can hardly wait till you get to your homestead. Besides that we grow blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. We also have wild plums. We have enough for all winter and some left over to make into Christmas jams and jellies.

Actually, bananas are our most expensive fruit! Back when our son was 2 and was newly adopted into our family, he had difficulty with any food that was firm or crunchy. For the first 3 months he was home, he ate nothing but bananas, yogurt, and Nutrigrain bars. His banana affection continued for 3 additional years, eating a day. Needless to say he cannot eat them any more- haha. How do you feel about plantains? Growing up we ate them almost daily.

Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Oh and about the depressing post I posted a few blog entries back, if you remember it, I just want to say I am doing much better now! My aunt bought me this magical salt crystal lamp and I find it is helping with my mood just like the directions said it would!

Also, I discovered what I want to be when I grow up! I am also ready to look for a job any day now. I just need some free time to get to the library in order to do that since I only have a tablet. I hope everything will work out for me! Use the inside of skin for hemmoroids so. Wipe that across sensitive area and complete calmness. In Australia a few years ago we suffered the great banana shortage as a result of a cyclone.

Banana is my favorite fruits of all. And, I like it in fruit shake, combined with some ripe mangoes. Eclectus parrots love to feed on native fruits and blossoms such as sandpaper figs, hawthorn, cotoneaster pyracantha berries and blossoms of the grevillea bottlebrush shrubs.

Fresh greens such as dandelion, including the roots and flowers, are enjoyed by Eclectus parrots, especially during the breeding season when young are in the nest. In the past few years there has been an upsurge in the feeding of pellets to parrots and cockatoos in captivity. In my opinion pellets, should not be fed to our Eclectus parrots. My main concern is we do not know what is in these pellets, even though the makers will tell us that its all good for our birds. Most pellets contain man made vitamins which is not good for our birds.

Eclectus get enough vitamins, if fed the correct fruit and vegetable diet as described above. If Eclectus get fed vitamins, they get stored not absorbed, and in time may affect their liver.

Example of the amount of seeds and fruit that are required daily for a breeding pair of Eclectus Parrots-Note: These pandanus fruits are a regular part of the Eclectus parrots diet in the wild. To keep our Eclectus parrots healthy, a daily diet of fresh fruit and vegetables is important. The blossoms and nuts from the Western Australian Flowering Gum are a very good for Eclectus to forage in.

The guava and yellow passionfruit are among the most favourite fruits that the Eclectus parrots enjoy and should be fed on a regular basis. Dean Moser prepares this daily fresh fruit and vegetable mix for his Eclectus parrots. Browsing should be given a couple of times a week to breeding pairs. This keeps them in good feather and gives them something to do each day.

Diet for Eclectus Parrots Diet, in my opinion, is by far the most important point I can make about keeping and breeding Eclectus parrots. Daily amount of seeds and fruit for a pair of Eclectus Parrots.

I will definitely make them again. I think some others have had success making that substitution, but your muffins will probably turn out more dense than the ones pictured. Just want to report another change that I made and works well.

TY Kate for this great recipe! Had 3 bananas who had seen better days so searched for a banana recipie and found yours. Made as is, using the maple syrup and coconut oil and for milk I used whole milk. Added chocolate chips to half the batter!

Will be making this often as muffins are my new go to for my kiddos for snacks and breakfast and even part of lunch. I make this recipe in loaf form as written and bake for 60 mins. Making it right now: I failed in my earlier attempt as I got the oil measurement wrong… will definitely try again! I was searching for a way to use the very ripe bananas sitting in the kitchen and I came across your recipe. They were moist and flavorful. Made them last weekend and will be making them again today!

So delicious and perfect for when my bananas are starting to get a bit too ripe. I made these muffins last night. Followed the recipe exactly using the maple syrup, coconut oil, almond milk, and flax egg options.

Super moist and flavorful. No doubt I will be making these again. Thanks Cockie and Kate!!!!!!!! Hi, i am gluten intolerant — Would i be able to substitute the flour for a gluten free one such as brown rice or buckwheat flour?

They turned out pretty well—much lighter in texture than a typically dense oil-rich muffin, and they rose nicely. I also used sugar-free syrup and unsweetened almond milk. In future I might increase the sweetness a bit or just use honey. I want to make these so bad!! All I have in the house flour wise are plain white, self raising and buckwheat flour..

Would any of these work? Yeah I was trying to figure this out too. I really want to make these too! Made this today and love the recipe. I added some oatmeal crumble on the top!!!

They were so moist and delicious, thanks for a great recipe. I sprinkled them with thinly sliced almonds along with the turbinado sugar before I baked them. I used a six muffin tin, and it also made an extra one. Big, beautiful and delicious! The maple syrup made them delightfully sweet.

I sent your recipe and web site to my daughter in Florida: I know he will love them! Thank you so much for this recipe! The best part about it is that the ingredients you used are so healthy! I did mess up a little bit making these, because I store my maple syrup in the fridge and when I mixed it with the coconut oil, it became a hard mess.

Had to heat it on the stove a bit to make it liquid again. Next time I will definitely try it with whole wheat flour. If they taste as good as they smell, I have no doubt that this recipe is a winner.

These turned out really well. I substituted applesauce for the oil and agave syrup for the maple, and added a few chocolate chips. My 3 year old son agrees that they are delish! I added some chocolate chips each time, and just recently I swapped a few tablespoons of flour for cocoa powder and yum!

When adding the cocoa, I added a little extra baking soda and a little extra honey because I read online somewhere that cocoa is drying and the little extra baking soda helps with the acidity or something like that. Thank you for this recipe.

Hi Kate, any reason why you use extra virgin olive oil as opposed to regular olive oil for baking? Here in Spain we tend to use regular olive oil as it has a milder flavour. I bet regular olive oil would work, though. D will have to try the pumpkin ones next! I recommend white whole wheat flour or whole wheat flour, not self rising. All purpose will also work. OMG they are amazing! I wil def be looking at more of your recipes.

These are there best recipe I have found for healthy muffins! Really moist, tender and fabulous! I have tried a number of online recipes for variations on these ingredients and this is by far the best one yet.

I took these to a dinner tonight and they were a huge hit with folks who would not ordinarily be interested in healthy versions. Thanks so much for making there recipe available. We use all whole wheat flour and add lots of organic blueberries. I discovered your site about a week ago and I have already made three of your recipes — loved them all! I just made these but with chia and almond milk to make them vegan: I just made these muffins using butter instead of oil and they turned out terribly.

Still trying to figure out if that was the beginning of my downfall. They never rose, despite the baking soda, so they are dense and a bit gummy-like. I used silicon muffin cups and substituted a bit more flour for the oats, as I had none; otherwise I followed the recipe exactly.

I have an ancient European oven that only provides heat from the bottom, so perhaps heat distribution really matters with this recipe. I mix in chopped walnuts and mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and the whole family devours them. Inly had two old bannana but I also had to old soft plums so I used those as well. I added in two handfuls of blueberries and the results…. They are wonderful, moist and perfectly sweetened.

I am a lover of healthy, delicious recipes. One of the best healthy muffin recipes out there! I added sultanas and put flaked almonds on top before baking. Such a great and easy recipe. Made these muffins about a month ago and everyone loved them!

Made them exactly as he recipe states. Making them again today! Thanks for this great recipe!! We made these muffins today — delicious. We replaced some of the wheat flour with oat flour and some with wheat bran, and they came out a dream. First time using olive oil in muffins, complete success. Though, I was wondering how many calories there are in both recipes.

They are moist, flavorful and, yes, healthy as well. I made extra and put them into the freezer. They defrost and reheat nicely. I just returned from Canada and will make them this time with Canadian maple syrup, as well as maple sugar sprinkles on the top. I made these for my daughters birthday and they were a huge success. I had a number of the parents asking me for the recipe: It would probably make a great banana bread as well in a long pan.

Do you have any idea of the nutritional values? Carbs, Protein, Fat etc. Will it turn out well with frozen berries mixed in? Coz they came out awesome and fluffy plus its healthy with whole wheat flour and banana for my son who is a picky eater. I made it exactly as stated and I wound up with one dozen and 8 mini muffins I had extra batter so had to use my mini tin.

Not complaining about the bonus yield — just an FYI to others. Can you provide the nuturtional values such as calories, carbs, Sugar protein, fat , fibre Etd. Thank you I make these all the time. Bought some almost-black, super ripe bananas cheap and was looking for the perfect recipe to use them up.

I love your recipes so I came straight to your site and knocked up these…I can say that they did not disappoint! Added some sultanas and chopped walnuts, delicious! Thank you for creating the best recipes that hit the spot make time and time again!

I make this recipe at least once a month for the family, sometimes with chocolate chips, and other times with pieces of candied ginger. Hi there, I am curious why you have milk in this recipe but not in the banana bread recipe? I like the idea of adding oats and milk so could I use this recipe to make banana bread?

How different are these two in taste? They turned out nice and fluffy with just the right amount of sweetness. I chose olive oil over the coconut oil and maple syrup over the honey. I also added some dark chocolate chips. Definitely my new go-to recipe. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I made them with agave syrup and extra virgin oil. It came out moist and tasty. The best part it is less in sugar.

I love these muffins! They make for a wonderful healthy snack! Great recipe; there are a million banana muffins out there and this is top of list and healthy too.

This is now my go-to muffin recipe. PS — I live in KC too: Comes out perfect everytime: Just found this recipe and made it today — they were so soft and delicious! Love this muffin recipe! I used unsweetened applesauce along with the honey and it turned out great! Do you prefer honey or maple syrup when making your recipes?

I love them both. If you like them both, just go with the first one listed in each recipe—the first option listed is always my favorite. I used coconut oil, almond milk and honey — OMG!!! So good, kids love them too! They are super moist. We will make these often. These are so beautiful. I love this recipe! I made them many times now, once i cut the maple syrup in half for a breakfast muffin, i like them less sweet in the morning and added nuts, oats and raisins.

I am about to make a bigger batch, whats the best way to store these? Just made this recipe and I love it!! Just made these muffins OMG! I used honey as a sweetener, coconut milk and some dessicated coconut and chocolate chips. I cooked them in mini loaf tin. These are in the oven right now. Decided on a whim to make muffins tonight and your recipe was the first that came up when I did a search for Healthy Banana Muffins. Both kids made their way upstairs to sample and they loved them!

I used coconut oil, and maple syrup. I also added a few chocolate chips to half the batch. My son asked if we can make these regularly. Thanks for the great recipe. My twin 4 year old boys and I made these today: Even my picky 8 year old daughter who hates bananas loved them. I made these muffins yesterday and YUM!

I have had some baking fails as of late but this has restored my confidence in the kitchen! So thank you for sharing this! I am going to make these all the time — so moist and tasty! Best of all my girls love them. The picky one has no idea I used coconut oil. She is also an oatmeal hater and snarfed these down. These muffins are delicious and super easy to make. Just a message to let you know that these have become my go-to muffins. Oh, and I add blueberries.

Thank you for this recipe, my boys loved making them and eating them! I wondered if they could be frozen? These are so delicious and easy! I used Cashew milk and added in cocoa nibs and pecans. The topping is a must too. Going back for my second now: These are my go-to healthy muffins. I have tried so many variations and it never fails to turn out delicious!

I just love them! They held their shape and mixed perfectly, they just seemed to be very bland and lacking in sweetness, even though i used very ripe bananas and added more maple syrup.

Made it for my family last night, used gluten free flour instead — It turned out SO delicious — my family loved- its low in call, the whole batch 12 muffins is only cal making it 41 cal for each Thank you for the recipe.

These made 12 muffins for me possibly because I just threw in 3 bananas instead of measuring it. I subbed molasses for honey, and all-purpose flour for whole wheat, but they still turned out amazing! Thanks for the recipe: I love reading your posts! Can I add some natural peanut butter? If so, do I need to omit something else? Thank you for your note. I think you could add peanut butter.

Please let me know if you try. Moist and sweet and so healthy. It was my first attempt at baking and this recipe worked like a charm! I think the temperature and time for cooking mentioned above are perfect. Thanks for a lovely recipe. Just made these muffins and am thrilled. I made mine with sprouted whole wheat flower, skim milk, honey, and added in chia seeds and walnuts. I made a double batch but did not double the honey — super moist and delicious! Just tried these muffins and they seem a bit bland.

I used honey instead of maple syrup but followed everything else. Needs some acid or maybe more salt. You might like them more tomorrow; I find that baked goods generally taste better the next day.

You could always top them with some honey, peanut butter or salted butter. Just made these they are so good! Thanks so much for this recipe: I am dying to make these muffins but where I live I cannot get my hands on any whole wheat flour!

I have searched high and low! Can I substitute wholemeal flour or anything else by any chance? If so what measurement would you recommend? Hi Kate, I just made these muffins for my 16 month old and they were wonderful! I actually used avocado oil since that was all that I had available, Greek yogurt for the liquid all that I had again , and a mix of honey and maple syrup.

I am always looking for great healthy recipes and thsee muffins were really fantastic! Can I simply leave out the oats if my son is allergic or is that an integral ingredient in the success of this recipe? Super easy and quick recipe! The muffins turned out delicious! Thanks from Brasília, Brazil. Just made a double batch of these- I am in love! They are absolutely delicious and I am so excited to give some to my friends and family to try!

Would I need to add anything else in place of oats or use less liquid, etc Thanks. These are my go to muffins. Easy, healthy and so delicious. I added ground flax, chocolate chips and toasted walnuts lightly covered in coconut oil and maple syrup. Thanks for a great recipe. Oh my goodness Kate!

This recipe reminds me just like my Nana Kate used to make her banana bread. I am so thankful I found your recipe and I can make this for my family and friends! Definitely a go to kind of snack. I added fresh blueberries and sprinkled oats and cinnamon sugar on the top before baking. Will use this recipe regularly from now on. I measured everything exactly as the ingredients it turned out that the result was just too dry so i added more milk and it came out pretty bad.

Give them a try one more time! These were delicious thank you for the recipe! I somehow ended up with 16 muffins. I added chopped pecans in the batter and some on top as well. Hi Kate, this is my new favorite banana cinnamon muffin recipe!

Wish I had found it earlier. I made these today and they came out perfect! Thank you so much for this awesome healthy recipe… I love anything banana-ey!! These were pretty tasty; thanks. Even without the sugar on top, I figured that there were 8 grams of sugar in each muffin, based on pure maple syrup. I put walnuts on top to try to boost the protein content. I made the maple-sweetened banana muffins yesterday and just tried one. This will be my new go to recipe for banana muffins.

Super easy and delicious! I double the recipe so my kids can eat them for breakfast before school for a few days that is quick for our hectic mornings. Making these for the second time in a week! Substituted spelt for ww flour, and added chocolate chips. Used almond milk and maple syrup.

Even the non-banana eater in our family loves these! Made these muffins and they are wonderful! Very moist and sweet! My favourite banana muffin recipe! I never ever bake and these were so healthy and tasty!

I sent texts to all my friends immediately! Amazing job, cant wait to try your other recipes! By far the best healthy banana muffin recipe I have ever used!

I used melted coconut oil. Only change was using six-space large formate muffin pan which required 32 minutes at degrees. These are delicious, savory muffins.

Certainly not too sweet. All ingredients combine to offer gorgeous vanilla-cinammon-banana flavor. But the simplicity of the recipe and very nice flavor makes up for it. I made it vegan by using flax eggs and vanilla almond milk. This came out delish! It yielded 12 generous size muffins for me, and I followed the specs exactly. I have made these muffins twice now and have been a hit both times! The second time I was a little shy of 1 cup smashed banana, so I added a little bit of unsweetened applesauce for the difference.

Everyone in my family loves them. I made these muffins yesterday and added walnuts and they were delicious. A lot of whole wheat recipes turn out dry but these were very moist. I thought using maple syrup instead of sugar would result in a boring muffin, but I was wrong! The muffin has just the right amount of sweetness, and there is no sugar rush after eating these due to the healthy ingredients. Also, I did not sprinkle sugar on them and found it was not needed.

Maple syrup is actually sweeter than sugar, and a great all-natural alternative to white sugar. Thanks for the comment! I love making healthy muffins, and my children love eating them. Healthy muffins are so much better than store bought because they taste like a real muffin, not cake.

Banana muffins are one of my kids favorites and I was looking for a new recipe. These taste great and look pretty. If I would have let them my kids would have eaten the entire batch. This makes me really happy! Steering kiddos away from sugary products can be tough, but so worth it in the long-run. So glad they and you enjoyed them! My 3 year old and I loved the muffins! It was super easy and very tasty. A big plus was that it was without sugar.

Just came across your blog. These muffins are by far my new favourite for the family. I love these banana muffins and everyone who has tasted them agrees.

Do you have any idea about how many Weight Watcher points they are worth? The muffins are tasty and moist. I used very ripe bananas, so that probably made them sweeter. Hi Kate I accidentally stumbled upon your website when I was looking for healthy banana muffins options and boy am i glad… these muffins were so easy to make and taste super delicious: I woke up and looked at one sad over ripe banana and found this recipe to throw together. I cut in half and have 5 big ol muffins made from stuff I always have on hand..

This reciepe has truly enlightened me! My muffins turned out gorgous and light, i added in pumpkin seeds and some coconut to the mixture and it worked wonderfully! Thank you so much for this reciepe! These were easy and so tasty. Great way to use up the spotty bananas. My boys gobbled up the whole dozen in one day! I am lucky I got one.

Any ideas for me? Hi Sylvia, sorry to hear that. You might find this resource helpful. They are delicious and you would never know they are refined sugar free and healthy. My kids love them too! My kids loved your banana muffin recipe! They were delicious, moist, easy to throw together in the morning before school. We put a few chocolate chips on top. Tried it with almond meal instead of flour and found that the recipe needed much moe meal than the flour. This recipe was such a home run!

I was craving sweets late at night and I had a ton of overripe bananas on my kitchen counter dying to be used. So I stumbled upon this recipe on google and got to work.

Followed directions as stated, except I added a dollop of Nutella to half the batch because why not? And they were soOoo delicious! They are also hubby-approved, we both had two each! I love that this recipe is somewhat healthier than other recipes that call for a ton of butter and sugar. Will be using this recipe again, thank you!

I left this recipe for the husband to make and they are amazeballs. Yup, I said it. Thank you, thank you. I omitted the oats and sugar on top but I intended to use coconut sugar, just decided not too. Also did some with pecans on top. Yielded 9 large muffins and 12 minis.

My baking time was less. The minis were 12 minutes and the larger were My 4 year old triplets devoured all of their minis within the first 10 minutes!

I will definitely make these again! I made my own flour by grinding oatmeal and coconut flakes in my coffee grinder. Then I added Bakewell Cream to the recipe about Then I added xanthan gum so they would stick together. Not sure if the gum was necessary but the muffins did rise beautifully and they hold together quite well! Sorry, Emily, I wish I knew. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe! I was looking for something healthy to make for my toddler and this was perfect!

I did manage to squeeze 12 muffins out of the recipe but I was surprised when it took over 30 minutes for them to bake properly. It could also be because I added some chocolate chips. Oatmeal bannana muffins awesome. Made with organic sprouted spelt flour and half organic white flour. Added walnuts , raisins and cranberries.

I used maple syrup and ordinary vegetable oil. I had only two ripe bananas, so I added half an over-ripe mango yes!