I want to cancel any further shipments to my address. I cannot handle the weight of the...

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Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write a review on our plan. I was previously on the program for 6 months and loved it. Call internationally for free: I received an email that my next order was to be processed this week to be shipped on March I struggled for two days to get things inside from the porch. Companies respond better when others are watching.

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Nutrisystem Reviews and Complaints

Is there a waiting period between when you can cancel and re-start as a new customer? Most coupon codes are for new customers which I am not. If I cancel, how long do I need to wait to sign up as new customer and receive those discounts?

I would call customer service — or use the Nutrisystem contact page to open up a live chat with a representative — you can do that here: I cancelled my account on 8;17 a. It is the 16th of April and their still not here.

I did not get an answer the other times. I have had an absolute nightmare with Nutrisystems. The next day I find out not only have they shipped a full order at full price, but they had shipped the partial as well. I tried calling in several times and when I was able to get someone live they were rude then put me on hold forever.

I am still unable to get someone live? I do not pay for something I am not buying. How can this be a fair charge? The 1 month shipment was already billed. I hope to be back in a size 8 on my own from here! They i am very disappointed with nutri system.

They debited my account without being told and never asked me to pick out my menu. I will never order nutri system again. I ordered I too had trouble with cancellation. I ordered online never being advised there was more to come. It is not clear when ordering. I changed many of the options, as Marie Osmond says there is over choices I guess that is the superstar menu that I wasn't privy to.

I did however receive a large order, but none of the things I changed got changed. A few of the thing I did order came. I must say that the taste of most of the food was better than I expected. I called back to ask about the program as there is no mention of the bars so I wasn't sure if they were part of lunch or a lunch entree.

To my dismay they exist as an entree. Although I am struggling with portion size because this is why aim overweight to begin with, but this is where it began I was going to order it for my mom, sister and cousin, but I felt it was not clear, I got frozen and dry food I will never eat and instead of customer service I heard the run around.

I think for month two I will call Jenny Craig and maybe I will get the food I ordered, and better customer service. Please click on the number of stars to award for the company's customer service. Please do not enter personal information into the comments. Comments will be added pending approval by the webmaster.

Search for Companies beginning with: Press 1 at 1st prompt. NutriSystem - extremely disappointed. NutriSystem - I have been trying to cancel any further I have been trying to cancel any further nutrisystem orders but have been unable to.

NutriSystem - Your Numi app is a very good idea but a few problems Your Numi app is a very good idea. NutriSystem - The food was bland, too much sodium The food was bland, too much sodium. NutriSystem - I am a registered nurse who just wanted a little I am a registered nurse who just wanted a little help getting started on losing about 20 lbs.

Hello, We are very sorry to hear about this. It will be our pleasure to assist you further with both your weight loss efforts and the food selection. Please send us an email a Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write this review.

We are very sorry to hear about your experience. If you would like us to look into this concern further for you, ple Nutrisystem Reviews and Complaints.

What was your experience with Nutrisystem? Ask a Question About Nutrisystem. Rating Details Customer service. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. Customers don't like Poor customer service Cancellation policy Price. Customers like Convenience Shakes Food. With photo and video. Nutrisystem 28 Day Diet Plan. Nutrisystem Basic Diet Plan. Nutrisystem Core Diet Plan. Nutrisystem Turbo 10 Diet Plan. Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours Diet Plan.

Nutrisystem - Different spokes person 1 day ago. Please get Marie osmond off the tv. Please change up your commercials to just regular people loosing weight. I want to see average people loosing weight instead of seeing Marie osmond all the freaking time. Nutrisystem1 Nutrisystem1 20 hours ago Nutrisystem Verified Representative.

Yes 0 No 0. Nutrisystem - Okay ive been helped Sep Nutrisystem - Promotion Sep Your customer service sucks. Nutrisystem - Horrible Sep