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Nutrisystem 5 Day Weight Loss Kit, 4. Calories Turbo From Nutrisystem. Certainly, you will lose weight if you reduce the calories you eat. Marie Osmond lost the weight on Dancing with the stars. Nutrisystem Nutricrush Shake, Chocolate: And of course, they have no stimulants, appetite suppressants, aspartame, MSG or any other chemicals or food additives. Yes she did lose the weight on Dancing With the Stars two months later she was making this commercial.

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Lose 5 pounds your first week or your money back, guaranteed. So why do I keep telling you about Nutrisystem? This commercial makes use of some large-print and wording that some people may feel could be intended to make people that the program works better or faster than it actually does. How can she do this series of commercials and then do another for a food company that markets to a 30 year food bunker? So then she lost 50 pounds. Which means she is 1 burger away from being overweight again.

It would make more sense to lose pounds if being overweight is such a life destroying condition for her. This was the funniest thing about this commercial to me but I also had the same thought about why she keeps telling us about the product.

Why do we fall for these ads. These celebs get everything free and lots of money that comes out of our pockets. I would like for them to say they receive nothing and are only concerned about our well being. Can some Grip get me another shake? Cold, this time, ya bums.

Marie Osmond lost the weight on Dancing with the stars. Take away her make-up artist and Hair stylist and all the designer clothes, and I believe that she has had tons of surgeries she lies just to make the money.

There is no way she eatsthat cardboard craps. I am so sick of seeing those phoney commercials. You know that if she wanted to loose weight she would hire a dietitian. She is not going to eat that frozen crap that comes in a box to your door. And her hair is always to one side and she is always taking her hand and moving it back as if to say I am so beautiful. She has tons of make up on too.

Enough said commercial is unrealistic. Really very disheartening to see all the bashing of a truly great product! I am a real true customer of Nutrisystem. Good Lord so very grade school!! Chat with real customers of the product and any product for that matter. And yes weight loss is something desired for myself for as we all know starvation as we get older sloooows the metabolism causing the body to store fat. Nutrisystem has been a godsend for me.

Anyone who thinks they can sit, eat and lose weight needs to retrain their way of thinking though. This is an absolute MYTH! I too had always heard it tasted like cardboard. I ask you please if you have not given Nutrisystem a chance and you have goals similar to mine please do.

Yes she did lose the weight on Dancing With the Stars two months later she was making this commercial. Do I believe she is eating this food? I think she has a personal dietician and chef. But Nutrisystem is a great product. I am having a lot of success with it too.

In addition, to make it even tastier, you can add your choice of cereals and muffins, as well as oatmeal to the meals. When you are dieting with NutriSystem, it will never make you feel that you are under weight-loss diet program.

Other than breakfast, lunch and dinner, the company is offering desserts, snacks and shakes as well. All in all, almost all the food items offered in the diet program are tasty and the existing customers of the program are very happy with the taste. Cost of the diet program depends on the chosen menu and diet plan.

Initially, you may find it high. However, when you cross-check it by calculating your overall expenditure on your grocery items, time saved in shopping, preparation and other things, the cost is pretty reasonable.

Existing customers of the program are very happy with the diet program cost, and most of them say that the convenience, taste and results associated with the program are worth the price paid. It is very effective and you will start seeing the results in the first week itself.

The diet program has assisted millions of individuals in losing and controlling their weight; in addition, it has even improved their health and fitness too. The portion controlled meals are convenient to consume, and you can get over the burden of grocery shopping and food preparation.

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