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All math is based on the hypothetical even distribution of birthdays. We have been getting the Boost Pudding for my dad. I just made it with half of the honey and half the nut butter, I forgot the salt, and added a drop of vanilla extract. I made it the night and let it set in the refrigerator. I took the leftovers and put em in some popsicle molds and shoved it in the freezer, hope it turns out good. This step is key for clump-free pudding. Kristina February 20, at 1:

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Properly discard this product when it is expired or no longer needed. Consult your pharmacist or local waste disposal company for more details about how to safely discard your product. How to use Boost Consult your pharmacist or physician. Side Effects Consult your pharmacist or physician. Cosby had appeared several times on the late-night talk program The Tonight Show , a signifier of success in American comedy, although his television series I Spy had yet to debut.

Cosby later said there were no commercials "with a black person holding something, buying a product, so the absence of pictures, in retrospect, said a lot". Despite the stigma among advertisers around using a black spokesperson, sales of the product rose. Cosby disagreed with the writers, who wanted to say the food was for when you were "hungry"; Cosby thought there was not enough substance to satisfy hunger and wanted to use the word "appetite". Cosby to Ad Age , Cosby appeared in commercials for Coca-Cola's campaign, "Have a Coke and a Smile," and made a guest appearance at the Great Get-Together, a major bottlers' convention held that year.

His work in this decade was well received. Advertising Age named Cosby the top advertising personality of Black Enterprise magazine found that Cosby was one of only a very few African Americans who could command among the highest fees paid for advertising spokespeople. The feature also highlighted how rare it was for African Americans to be hired for a complete campaign, as opposed to a single advertisement, despite an overall increase in opportunities.

Cosby returned as Coca-Cola's spokesperson in its "Coke Is It" campaign, [14] a series of commercials mocking the Pepsi Challenge. Another said Pepsi Challenge commercials were misleading because they never showed anyone choosing Coke. Cosby in a Coca-Cola ad, c. Fred Bucy , who was head of Texas Instruments' home computer operation in , scrapped Cosby's advertisements to focus on the product's educational value.

Even if we had President Reagan on our ads, we wouldn't sell any more computers. A product sells itself. A celebrity causes indirect sales. At the height of the Cola Wars , marketer Sergio Zyman persuaded Coca-Cola executives to create and air commercials with Cosby praising Coke for being less sweet than Pepsi, [35] which was aired only in areas where sales of Pepsi were dominant.

Once New Coke was launched, Pepsi prepared its public response to the change; among its talking points for journalists writing about New Coke was to "Ask them about those Bill Cosby ads". In , Cosby's only contract was with Jell-O, but by the end of the year he had added two more endorsements. Walter Thompson agency account Kodak Colorwatch System photographic processing system to his list. Coca-Cola purchased Columbia Pictures in Promotions included posters, spy cameras, point of sale standees of Cosby, and a contest to win Porsche cars.

In the s, Cosby also appeared in public service announcements. Cosby continued to be a Jell-O spokesman through the s. He was present for the lighting of the brand's first billboard in New York's Times Square in The company distributed , copies of his picture book series, Little Bill , into American public libraries.

At the Advertising Hall of Fame induction ceremonies on March 30, , Cosby was the first winner of the American Advertising Federation's President's Award for Contributions to Advertising, for special achievements in the field. Among the reasons, "making spokesman commercials for such established heels as White Owl cigars and Pan American airlines.

He has evolved into a kind of self-parodying sap, the kind of flagrant, perpetual parader Sammy Davis has always been". It echoed the comments of other authors that Cosby had become out-of-touch with lower-class African Americans. But, Bill, why do commercials for those crooks at E. Y'see, by showing that a black man can be just as money-hungry as a white man I'm proving that all men are brothers. In , Cosby told Black Enterprise magazine:. In this business, many of us are well paid but we are not all that wealthy.

You may read 'X-number of dollar goes to so and so,' but remember, everybody takes a cut — the lawyer, the agent, the publicist. If a company comes along and says 'We'd like you to talk about how much you enjoy wearing this warm-up suit,' and the money is right, I'm going to do it.

Jell-O was a dessert in my house when I was a kid. My mom served Del Monte fruit cocktail when I was growing up.

They want to pay me to say I eat these products, well, I eat them. I came out of a lower economic area, and this is money. This is a business A great deal of our careers depends on keeping ourselves in the public eye. I think performers should take advantage of commercial offers if they're satisfied with the product. In October , a stand-up comedy routine by Hannibal Buress , addressing allegations of rape against Cosby, went viral on YouTube.

Many of the images posted in response related to the allegations, which were fresh in the respondents' minds. The publicity surrounding the allegations had a drastic effect on Cosby's reputation, as seen in the following drop in his ratings.

In March , Cosby had a By November 19, this had fallen to The same company's separate rating on who consumers view as an "effective product spokesperson" saw Cosby drop to 2,th spot; at one point, he had been 5th. The brand was mentioned in one percent of posts about Cosby, which was considered low. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. First of all and lastly, I'm good—that's all—I'm good.

I don't rewrite their material. I take it and I make it. My approach from the beginning has been, I want to make the program interrupt the commercial. Now see, if you were another cola, number 2 or number 29, you'd do taste tests and challenges and stuff and try to compare yourself to this, wouldn't you?

Sure, don't shake your head, you would too, you sneaky devil. Bill Cosby sexual assault case. As of , actor Tom Hanks was the Q Score leader, with a score of The April ad was pulled a month later, as it violated contracts that neither company could release their figures or mention Neilsen in their ads.

Bill Cosby spots were substituted, Coca-Cola claiming this to be the second phase of their campaign, while Pepsi claimed this was a retreat.

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