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What does no electricity mean? No cell phone, no radio unless battery powered, no TV, no lights, no running water… So many of the things that we are prepping to maintain, this family has chosen to either do without or found a non-electric alternative. The pay-off to this homeowner built homestead?

Think about it, what would you be willing to give up for the freedom of having only one bill a year? One family started a few years later and have a full solar array next to their home. Two of the families visit on weekends and help when they can on communal buildings.

Someday they may decide to build, but not in the near future. Families, visitors, and interns often share the communal house on the property. The aspect of a land cooperative tickled my brain.

I did a google search for land cooperative and came up with a very interesting article on: It was formed in May by the Small Change Foundation…. The first members moved to the land in June Co-op members privately own their own homesteads, which range in size from 1 acre to several acres each.

Over 90 acres are maintained as a nature preserve—the Common Land owned collectively and enjoyed by the entire membership. Both private and shared land is heavily restricted to maintain its natural state. After nearly four decades members have come to share a sense of the meaning and practicing of community. All activities other than paying assessments for necessities such as taxes and insurance are voluntary, allowing each person to choose the level of sharing and socializing preferred.

Each prospective member was required to attend an evening presentation at which the intentional and conservation aspects of the community concept were emphasized. Because the available residential acreage was sold prior to its being subdivided, the planning process was based on the preferences of members for the kinds of land and areas of the community they preferred, with any conflicts being decided on the basis of who joined earliest—although in practice a spirit of compromise prevailed.

Several lots were planned around particular live oak trees, one of which became a tree house residence for its owner, and one lot is a perfect circle. Roads were planned around those choices… For more information: An intentional community is a planned residential community designed to have a much higher degree of teamwork than other communities.

The members of an intentional community typically hold a common social , political , religious , or spiritual vision and often follow an alternative lifestyle.

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