Stress it’s not in your head; it’s in your nervous system

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Autonomic Testing / Sudomotor Tests
Extra salt in the diet or taking salt tablets to increase fluid volume in blood vessels Fludrocortisone or similar medicines to help your body retain salt and fluid Medicines to treat irregular heart rhythms Pacemaker Sleeping with the head raised Wearing compression stockings The following may help your intestines and stomach work better: The authors concluded that the findings of this preliminary study suggested that SFN could be screened and followed using SudoScan in patients receiving chemotherapy. The authors concluded that these data open new avenues of research and therapeutics for this common condition. When faced with situations of intense fear, anxiety or stress, the body reacts by speeding up the heart rate, increasing blood flow to vital organs and muscles, slowing digestion, making changes to our vision to allow us to see better and numerous other changes that allow us to react quickly in dangerous or stressful situations. Neurology , and U. Author links open overlay panel William P. Treatment of the cause if identified.

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