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The X Link is a fantastic new trick that utilizes the best of both tricks the linking rings and linking ropes and may be performed close-up and surrounded, fits in your pocket or on your wrist, and is a wonderfully entertaining piece of magic. When attacking with or activating the item, the user takes 1d6 points of damage from magical energy backlash. Small video clip added about how free trade agreements not including much to do with trade compared to other issues. I never heard millennials or kids in high school saying, "I can't wait to vote. I guess we just needed a president who put babies in cages before we could get off our asses and pay minimal attention and start spouting a bunch of half-baked dross about a political system we haven't even put in any real effort to understand. Sometimes links to other sites may break beyond my control.

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The coin is then magically passed through the bottle and handed back to its owner! Thin enough to conceal on your wrist or under a coat, yet strong enough to penetrate the thickest hands and tables. There is no end to the strong magic that can be created with this PK Collection!

Then it's the magician's turn. It clearly is very solidly threaded onto the bolt. Taking the bolt from the spectator, in less than one second, the bolt literally "melts" through the nut. No covers or anything to hide. The whole unit can be examined both before and after. The spectator tries, but cannot do the same. Joe Porpers popular anodized aluminum style. The box is a mechanical gem and has great potential too fool you. Box is beautifully made and the mechanism is clever.

MAGMA Hands are the focal point for power for many magicians, so why not turn your hands into a glowing hot lightshow? With Magma, you can focus your power and transform your fist into a seemingly, red-hot inferno. Gimmick is practically invisible in performance and can provide over uses before it will require a USB recharge.

Highly durable and expert manufactured, your Magma gimmick will handle years of repeated use. Perform all the famously visual Raven vanishes with this new version.

The Reel Raven attaches quickly and easily and can be attached in more places. While the standard version is sure to remain the favorite of many magicians, the Reel Raven is uniquely different and is sure to appeal to many magicians. No special counts or sleight of hand!

NO rough and smooth! NO force and instant reset! Next the backs change to a rainbow design. The cards are then turned face down to reveal an eye chart, a pair of eyes and a pair of reading glasses on their backs. When cards are turned over they have all formed a heart shape each with matching colors front and back.

Chink a Chink Streamlined, Description: Schindlers Pen - Description: More than 25 tricks, gags vanishes and mental effects with this unique prop. Monkey Silk, Description silk tied to red rope with three yellow knots on it.

Silk magically jumps from left side to right side of rope, then jumps to middle of rope. Steel ball thru Glass, Description: Cards are removed and placed between spectators hand. When hands removed the pips from one card have melted on to the back of the other. Comes with bonus coin magic penny to dime and shrunken penny. Levitator, Description gimmick allows you to float many objects. Separate Salt and Pepper magically. This is the original version not the current version of Salt and Pepper by Rocco.

Push a pencil through the center of a bill yet leaves no hole! Vanish a marked penny from one hand and cause it to appear under the other! Cause two bills to melt through each other right under a spectators nose!

And much, much more! Different variations of the Linking Rings performed 3-rings, 5- rings, 8-rings. Long a classic effect, but seldom performed, this DVD will instruct and teach how the novice or professional can add an excellent effect to their acts. Four performers reveal their secret routines for the chop cup, a classic of magic, and explain as well. Gain insight on each performer's philosophy, style, and subtlety on the same effect.

With nothing but a single paper clip, you'll astound onlookers by making it bend and contort to your will. The method for Bently is unlike anything you have ever seen before. No optical illusions are used. No threads are used.

Best of all Bently can be reset instantly so that you can perform it over and over with the same paper clip. Within minutes of finishing this tutorial you'll be able to flawlessly warp the paper clip from any angle, at any time.

A playing card is now freely selected and signed. The spectator himself slowly pushes his card into the deck. The cards are immediately counted and the deck is one short - the selection has vanished. Please note that there is no palming. The card is genuinely in the envelope. Only one card is used, no extra pieces, nothing to add, nothing to take away. Use any card and can be performed surrounded. Comes with Bicycle back Jumbo card professionally printed, a list of celebrity names and routine.

As soon as you receive the spectator's ring you're in full control. RinKey Dinky will handle it from there. The ring will vanish from your fingertips without any sleight of hand. The ring will automatically travel to your pocket and attach itself to your own set of keys. Performing a miracle with these everyday objects will blow people away! Production Box Wood box with a secret drawer I would call this used but like new. The box is in excellent shape.

Used a few times. Not in the original box. Cups for Cups and Balls 3 cups, one magnetized. Four knitted balls Material may be brass, dont remember I would call these used in good shape. Linklip Ken Courcy Trick with paper clips - Two separate paper clips are shown. They are placed into the left hand and after an amusing love story, when removed, are found to be linked. Aldo Columbinis version of the love story. Two separate paper clips are shown.

They are placed in the hand of the spectator and ,when he opens the hand, they have linked. They are replaced in the spectators hand and when he opens it, three small paper clips appear,,,the babies. This is repeated with the second bracelet also amazingly penetrating the string! A spectator then chooses one of the bracelets and the magician visually removes it from the string, visibly melting through and dropping to the table!

A signed piece of paper is torn into four pieces, rearranged and restored in this mis-made condition! The paper can be handed to the spectator. A piece of ribbon is also passed around for all to see. Performer collects the cards and adjusts them so the holes are lined up at the top. Includes dice and instructional DVD - Never used. Show a large steel nut and a length of velvet cord. Thread the nut on the cord.

Place them in your closed fist with the ends of the cord sticking out. Open your hand and the nut has penetrated the cord! So far, good magic, but no killer. Thread the nut on the cord and place it in your closed fist as before. Open your fist and the nut is gone!! Where the heck did it go?? Immediately toss the cord out for examination. This is killer magic and very easy to do! Nuttin' Here uses no pulls, elastics, wires or trap doors. You do not need to wear a jacket to perform the routine, as a matter of fact you can do it with your sleeves rolled up!!

Comes complete with Nut, Cord, Speciall gimmick and instructions. Get ready for woman to scream and guys to be transfixed in bewilderment! This is a must for the close-up or restaurant worker! Can be done over and over, resets almost instantly! No tricky moves or switches! Over the years, we had many customers ask us for a better "life like" looking mouth. Well, now we have done it! The Note Pad Surprise 2. Watch the new demo to see the new mouth in action!! Same great effect, still NO Switches and now a new "bendy" mouth!

Give away the same picture you actually draw and animate! Imagine this, you take a simple 4" x 6" pad out of your pocket. You then draw a face on the page complete with eyes and mouth.

Suddenly the eyes and mouth begin to move! After you have startled and amazed your spectators, you then tear off the same page that you drew the face on and hand it out as a souvenir! You can easily refill with any 4" x 6" pad. Includes DVD, props and gimmicks. Includes 5 routines and works with all I-Phone models. It was a breakthrough for thread workers. Imagine if you had a reel that would feed out fifteen feet of invisible thread in one continuous thread.

Not only that, but reel it back in automatically, so that you can use it over. We as magicians now for the first time in history entered a new era for thread magic. You will be able to float a dollar bill, right out in front of you with no obvious anchor points even near you.

This will triple the impact of floating any object. I really cannot express to you how exciting this these products are. The case is then zippered shut and held by a spectator until the end of the effect. All can be examined! This effect can be repeated time and again with different results. You instantly hand out the bill for immediate examination.

Ninh's Currency is one of the most practical and hard-hitting bill changes on the market today. Included on this instructional DVD are all the inner workings you will need to perform this miracle. Effects in General, Seances, Haunted Houses, with Thousands of routine possibilities, you will see why it really is one of the best values in all of magic today! Used by the pro's hundreds of thousands sold. The original by the sorcery shop. Including design enhancements and tips from real working pros like Chanin, Eddie Joseph and others, these shells are perfectly weighted and balanced.

The Street Shells set is intended for those who already know a three shell routine and does not include any instructions.

Includes 3 Shells and Pea in Box. The secret mechanism inside will make any borrowed ring vanish at your finger tips and then attach it to your key ring. Absolutely undetectable and fully automatic. Swiss precision at your service. Now they alternate red black red black. One black with red spots one black with yellow spots gimmicked. SALTY - precision made prop - 1 - The magician displays a silk handkerchief, shows his other hand empty and then stuffs the handkerchief into his closed fist.

Reaching up into the air with his other hand he produces a salt shaker at his fingertips! Sprinkling a little salt over his closed fist, the silk is then shown to have vanished! He drops the pieces into a borrowed handkerchief gathered together by the corners forming a small bag. The magician sprinkles some "magic salt" into the bag and opens it to find the card completely restored except for the missing corner! A beautiful, high quality, wooden prop that would fit on an desk and not look out of place.

It has room for 26 decks of cards, trays with slots for seven-quarter size coins, eleven fifty-cent size coins and seven silver-dollar size coins. It has four removable trays.

The drawer locks and slides are made out of premium hardware. Recessed into the top is a Gibson close-up pad. The Dominoes are mixed, and the spectator asked to spot the double one Domino. He fails to do this. Then one Domino is elminated, but he fails to find the one spot. Finally the second five spot is eliminated but spectator still cannot find the one spot.

And all the Dominoes can be examined. NUCLEUS Ask any member of the audience to try to remove the steel ball nucleus with just their fingers and they will fall time and again. Then, you concentrate, and effortlessly - and with just two fingers - remove the gleaming nucleus from its base!

After removing a match, demonstrate that by simply rubbing it on the other matches in the pack it becomes charged and will resist the other matches. The match rises into the air a full inch above the book! You can even set the matchbook down and the match will still float! But when the spectator tries It's an absolute killer! Porper makes each piece himself and it constructed of light weight aluminum and black anodized for long-lasting beauty.

This is a gorgeous and diabolically deceptive piece of magic! Comes complete with its own genuine leather carry case. The ends are pulled by the spectators and the die penetrates the ropes and is left in the hand. Easy to do- wood die. And, it truly defies detection. He then takes a sheet of paper, covers the cylinder, wrapping it up.

An audience member is asked to hold this wrapped tube, you'll need later on. One link is closed inside of your fist and the second link is simply "dipped" inside. When it is pulled out, the two links have joined together! A third link is brought forth and it too is instantly linked on to the others! Spend an hour away from your phone or computer. Eat lunch outside or at least away from your desk. Clean out your closet and donate all your too-big clothes to charity.

Post your progress on social media or SparkPeople so your friends can celebrate with you. Take a bubble bath. Drive to a beautiful neighborhood or park to walk instead of taking your usual walking route. Use smiley face or star stickers to note milestones on a wall calendar hung in a prominent place. Make your own ribbon or trophy. Make or buy a refrigerator magnet with a motivational quote. Take a vacation day from work to do whatever you want! Unwind with a movie of your choice.

Plan a night out with your friends. Buy a lottery ticket. Subscribe to a fitness or healthy cooking magazine. Get a new driver's license photo. Don't lie about your weight. Download a new fitness app for your phone. Buy a new workout song. Get yourself a bottle of fancy shower gel or lotion. Pick up a new plant for your garden. Invest in some moisture-wicking workout socks.

Get fitted for a new sports bra. Try a new shade of nail polish. Get some new shades for outdoor exercise. Come home with a bouquet of flowers. Try a fresh hair color. Buy a small personal blender for smoothies and protein shakes.

Order a pair of high-end wireless headphones. Invest is a fitness tracker to motivate you even more. Sign up for a charity walk or running event. The protein you consume at bedtime stimulates muscle protein synthesis while you sleep, according to a small study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise in As a result, it improves muscle recovery and may prevent or reduce muscle loss associated with aging or certain illnesses such as cancer, noted the report in Nutrients.

Consuming protein may improve weight loss because you use more calories to digest protein than other macronutrients. When a protein shake is consumed just before bedtime, the amount of energy burned while you sleep increases. Getting protein or carbs before sleeping may boost morning metabolism, reported researchers in the January issue of the British Journal of Nutrition. However, their study included only 11 subjects, so the results may not apply to everyone.

When overweight women had a casein powder shake at bedtime, they felt less hungry in the morning, according to a study in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism in January All of these small effects work together to burn more calories. The protein sources include egg, beef, vegetables such as peas and soy, and the milk proteins whey and casein. Athletes training to build muscles may prefer a combination of whey and casein, because whey is rapidly absorbed while casein enters the system slowly.

Choosing a protein powder often comes down to personal preferences, but when the goal is weight loss, the bottom line is the number of calories per serving. Video of the Day.

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