"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated": Exemplary damages in Australia

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Punitive damages – some reason at last
In other words, an objective test is applied without regard to the subjective situation of the plaintiff. Once a loss is proved, the court is required to do its best to put a value on that loss even if the evidence is less than satisfactory. By clicking Register you state you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Damages are compensatory in character. It was therefore concluded that a clear nexus existed between these actions and the harm suffered by the Campbells. It was inconsistent with this comprehensive dismissal of any further allowance to suggest that the cost of managing the income generated by the fund to ensure that it maintains a net income at a given rate was a compensable loss. Such claims however can still be made, although only in exceptional circumstances.

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Aggravated Damages Definition:

Placebo group: The other group took dummy pills (placebo). Both groups also went on a high-fiber, low calorie diet. These were the results of the 12 week study, which was published in The Journal of The American Medical Association (a highly respected scientific journal): Heymsfield, et al.

1998 As you can see, both groups lost weight.

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