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No claim for originality of the programmes is made by HETV. We acknowledge our gratitude to the many people and sources whose work has been drawn freely upon. We thank them all. Programmes will be supplemented and supported by booklets, leaflets, posters and informational guides in Marathi and English, and made freely available at health worker stations, hospitals, schools, and more.

A very large number of these deaths are caused by dehydration from diarrhoea, the most easily preventable cause of childhood mortality. Nurturing Newborns Skilled attendance during pregnancy, childbirth and the immediate postpartum period. Mothers will be provided with training for breastfeeding from the nurse or midwife, encouraged about the importance of providing colostrum within the first half hour after birth, and advised about other questions they may have about their newborn or postpartum period.

Breastfeeding Protect against diseases through the promotion of clear guidelines about proper feeding practices and the benefits of immunity. Complementary Feeding Complementary feeding means giving foods in addition to breastmilk. Malnutrition can result from suboptimal breastfeeding practices, poor quality complementary foods, detrimental feeding practices, and contamination of complementary food and feeding utensils. The second half of an infant's first year is an especially vulnerable time because infants are learning to eat and must be fed soft foods frequently and patiently.

If nutritional intake is inadequate, the consequences persist throughout life. Continuous Feeding During Diarrhoea Experience shows that food should not be withheld from infants and children with acute diarrhoea. Depending on their feeding status, children should receive breast-milk or diluted milk feeds; in cases of dehydration, these should be offered as soon as initial rehydration therapy has been completed. Appropriate locally available foods cereals should be offered as soon as the appetite returns.

After the diarrhoea ceases, more than the usual amount of food should b given for a short period. The routine use of any special infant formula lactose-free products for diarrhoea cases should be strongly discouraged as they are only rarely necessary and are costly.

Mothers will be taught the crucial need for immediate fluid replacement, increased fluids and food, how to correctly prepare home-made and packaged ORS, cereal-based ORS, when and why to use it, and continuous feeding, including breastfeeding. Recognizing Dehydration If mothers could recognize and treat dehydration early on at home, the great majority of children would not need additional medical care. In this way, better practice and education would save mothers the trouble and expense of travelling to the health centre and also prevent them from spending money on unnecessary drugs , and it would release some of the burden on health facilities, allowing better treatment for children who are severely ill.

Correcting Dehydration with Home-made Solutions Define and Promote Home-Made Solutions--define clear definitions for home-made solutions tea, rice water with extra rice, etc. The first-level health worker, a community health worker who has a crucial role to play in disseminating knowledge and skills for the management of diarrhoea, as regards the use of both home remedies and ORS.

ORS packets should be available in adequate supply at this level and throughout the entire health system. If this is not possible, maximum efforts should continue towards this end and, in the meantime, as complete a formulation as possibly should be used, recognizing its limitations. When potassium is a missing ingredient, patients should be encouraged to drink fluids that are rich in potassium fruit juices.

Increased fluids and Preparation of home-made and packaged solutions. For the preparation of ORS solution the safest water should be used. Measuring Sugar, Salt and Water Correct the confusion created by years of mixed messages regarding measurement of the ingredients in rehydration solutions. Mothers will receive a plastic one-litre bottle, with a label about how to recognize signs and degrees of dehydration, how to prepare home fluids for rehydration, and how to mix and prepare home-made and packaged ORS.

Additionally, they will receive a 2-sided spoon to correctly measure salt and sugar. Cereal Based ORT Oral rehydration therapy, if properly practiced, can cut infant and child mortality rates by at least half and obviate the need for countless millions of costly visits to hospitals, health centres, and clinics in all countries. But is this feasible? Packets of oral rehydration salts ORS are not universally available and the simpler sugar-salt solution can have dangerous effects if it is improperly mixed or administered.

Cereal-based ORT can overcome both of these disadvantages by providing yet another option for oral rehydration therapy. Safe Water Systems Safe Water Systems are water quality interventions that employ simple, inexpensive and robust technologies appropriate for the developing world. The objective is to make water safe through disinfection and safe storage at the point of use. Point-of-use treatment of contaminated water using sodium hypochlorite solution purchased locally and produced in the community from water and salt using an electrolytic cell; Behaviour change techniques , including social marketing, community mobilization, motivational interviewing, communication, and education, to increase awareness of the link between contaminated water and disease and the benefits of safe water, and to influence hygiene behaviours including the purchase and proper use of the water storage vessel and disinfectant.

Safe Water Storage in plastic containers with a narrow mouth, lid, and a spigot to prevent recontamination. Solar Disinfection of Water Disinfect soiled water with this free and easy technique using solar radiation.

This simple process of filling transparent containers with water, and exposing them to full sunlight for about five hours, destroys pathogens in the water. Water Disinfection Treat soiled water and prevent the spread of disease by promoting the practice of boiling water and the usage of chlorine, iodine, or even household bleach, to conduct home water disinfection.

Health workers will be trained to use these practices, and will convey the techniques to mothers. The Indian government has launched a focused campaign to increase the households in the country that have toilets by Additionally, we will target the urgent need for separate toilets for boys and girls, together with a hand-washing facility in every school in Maharashtra. Hand Washing with Soap and Water. Promote the habit of Hand Washing with Soap and Water to decrease episodes of diarrhoea.

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